Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"The Dame Edna Treatment" - new TV show details!

Hello, Possums! Hello, Darlings!

I first reported here that the new year would bring us a landmark new television series from our favourite ground-breaking gigastar. Well, I'm thrilled to report that our Dame Edna spies are reporting back to us now with some exciting news about the new ITV Dame Edna show.

The word is that it is to be called "The Dame Edna Treatment", and will be set in a spa - isn't that spooky! Memories of little Mel Gibson in Dame Edna's TV special called "A Night on Mount Edna" come to mind - do you remember, Possums? Gorgeous Mel spent the entire show in Edna's hot box (now don't twist my words, you little minx - I mean her sauna, of course!)

It's the perfect setting for Dame Edna to probe all the nooks and crannies of her special guests. And as she declared on Parkinson last year, she won't be interviewing any of these non-entity celebs we see so much of nowadays. Oh, no! Only top level stars for our Australian legend. We've heard that the likes of Jane Fonda, Charlton Heston, Liza Minnelli, and Sean Connery are already lined up, and no doubt, international superstars around the globe will be clamouring to get The Dame Edna Treatment! Sadly, I doubt that little Mel Gibson will get a look in, particularly after those rather "uncalled for" remarks he made about the Red Sea pedestrians... Dame Edna is a Red Sea pedestrian you know...or at least she thinks she might be... In any event, she might think about inviting some other Australian stars to join her. What about Russell Crowe? After all, they're both Gladi-ators!!!!

I also wanted to bring you news of some website updates, my darlings. First, you'll find a new up-to-date touring schedule on the official Dame Edna website. You'll also find some new photos in the photo gallery section of The Untamed Edna Experience website. Scroll down to see some of the gorgeous shots from our recent VIP day at John Lewis on Oxford Street. You'll also find the site easier to navigate with improved links to help you probe our space (web space, that is).

Well, that's all for now, Possums! We're so excited about the new TV series!!! And if you hear any news yourself, be sure to let us know!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Dame Edna in the West End in 2007?

Happy New Year, you darling little mites!

Welcome to a glitteringly gorgeous new year! Have you recovered from all of the fabulous festivities yet?

Dame Edna had a busy festive frolic, as she was both on stage in her fabulous show "Back With a Vengeance" in Melbourne, and spent the rest of her time receiving and cataloging expensive Christmas gifts from admirers all over the world. In fact, Madge is still in the basement of Edna's Melbourne villa (well, the basement is the best place for Madge really...), preparing extensive lists of all the loot for the Smithsonian Institute who have been begging Dame Edna to lend them her collections of rare and priceless gifts for a landmark exhibit in the United States. She has finally relented, because it's clear the world is clamouring for more of the legend that can only be Dame Edna, and also because there just isn't any more room in her homes around the world (unless of course she were to oust a certain New Zealand bridesmaid, which be assured, has been considered on more than one occasion...)

And speaking of Dame Edna's current run of "Back With a Vengeance" in Australia, a dear friend of ours who has recently returned from a trip down under where she caught the show, tells us that there was talk of the show coming to London's West End!!! This would be amazing news if it is true, and it has to be said that the West End could use a dash of delicious delight these days in a dismal field of current offerings including Dirty Dancing and the upcoming Lord of the Rings - sigh!

We've probed all the nooks and crannies of the net in search of some kind of confirmation of this wonderful news, but to no avail. So we're counting on you, Possums: Keep your eyes and ears to the ground, and if you hear anything at all, please get in touch with us here!!!

In the meantime, we have found some truly gorgeous sites celebrating Dame Edna's current run in Australia, as well as the 50th anniversary of her life as an entertainer and a saviour to nations around the world!

First, there is the site created by Victoria's Cultural Network called Virtually Edna. It features some wonderful new videos on the Edna Cam, as well as some fantastic pictures of Edna through the years and costume designs and snaps. Brilliant!

The next is the Dame Edna Live site, which has two sections: One for the amazing Back With a Vengeance show, and the other for the landmark Ednafest, Melbourne's celebration of Dame Edna's 50 golden years.

Quicksticks, Possums! Check it out! There are listings of events and exhibitions, including Ednaville (a chance to walk back in time into Mrs Norman Everage's Mooney Ponds home) and a display of our favourite megastar's astounding and ground-breaking dresses and gowns. I wonder if Kenny was involved in setting up that exhibition?

Well, darlings, I must run...there are squillions of web pages to scour for more news of our glittering gigastar. And remember, Possums, if you hear any news of an upcoming West End run in London, get in touch!