Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day, Possums!

Happy Australia Day, you little darlings!

To celebrate this gorgeous day, we're bringing you an Edna-rama assembly of antipodean antics and megastar magic!

First off, a link to the Australia Day Keynote Address given by Sir Michael Parkinson. Of course, little Michael couldn't talk about Australia without referencing the country's greatest gift to the world - Dame Edna Everage! He noted:

“Dame Edna Everage once said -
and we must never tire of quoting the classics -
that Australians are good at sport because of
'the sun, the diet, the healthy outdoor life
and the total lack of intellectual stimulation'."

What a gorgeous sentiment! Call me old-fashioned, but it is! To see the whole article, click here:

Parky Gives Keynote Australia Day Speech - Sky News

And next, darlings, is a little clip of Dame Edna addressing her adoring fans at a show in Adelaide in 1984:

Caring and sharing at it's glittering gigastar best! Happy Australia Day, Possums!!!