Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dame Edna going disco with the Bee Gees?

News this week, Possums, that Dame Edna is staying faithful to her Australian roots in the choice of her new theme music for "The Dame Edna Treatment", ITV's new series set for this spring.

While steering away from a Rolf Harris didgeridoo tune (that would have been a little bit yucky!), she has asked Gibb brothers Robin and Barry Gibb to write the new theme music! This will mark the first time the brothers Gibb have made a foray into television music, so we can't wait to hear the result. Will we be lucky enough to hear Dame Edna singing the theme tune herself? She is, of course, known around the world for her voice (among a never-ending list of glittering talents). It's said that she taught little Kylie everything she knows.

We'd also like to send congratulations this week to Dame Helen Mirren on her recent Oscar win. She'll be thanking her lucky stars, won't she... After all, they begged Dame Edna to take the role of her good friend Lillibet, but she turned them down, of course, and said "Give it to Helen Mirren - she needs the work". Dame Edna's selfless devotion to those less fortunate than herself is to be admired, isn't it? It's also rumoured, Possums, that the gown Dame Helen wore for the big event was, in fact, not a Christian Lacroix, but a Kenny Everage original. What do you think?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dame Edna for Prime Minister?

Hello, Possums!

News this week from Australia that Hillary Clinton has been urging Dame Edna to run for the top position (now, don't twist my words) in Australian politics!

While promoting her upcoming
Brisbane and Sydney appearances in her incredibly successful show "Barry Humphries and Friends – Back With A Vengeance", Dame Edna revealed that Hilary has been badgering her to run for Prime Minister, adding "You're lucky because your husband is dead!"

Australia's own gigastar/housewife continues to enjoy a triumphant return to her grateful homeland. Audiences have been clamouring for more of her glamourous caring and sharing, and after taping her new ITV series here in the UK this spring, she'll be returning to the land down under for more performances of her hit show. In a display of utter selflessness, she proclaimed she isn't doing the show for her personal gain: "I don't need the money, I'm a squillionairess," she said. "I'm doing this because you need me. You need me more than water."

And speaking of the new ITV show, we've learned that taping of "The Dame Edna Treatment" will begin on the 15th of March, with the show due to go out on Saturday nights this spring. Our gladis are quivering with excitement, Possums!!! Click here to see the official announcement of the show on the Dame Edna website, my darlings.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Australia Day photos!

Hello, Possums!

I'm sure you all remembered that last Friday, the 26th of January, was Australia Day!

Here at The Untamed Edna Experience, we get very excited about Australia Day. Call me old-fashioned, but we do! And this year, to mark the day, we went to Harvey World Travel in Norwich to celebrate with some adoring Norfolk non-entities...

Simon was invited to Castle Mall in Norwich by Harvey World Travel to help commemorate Australia Day, and to do some caring and sharing with Dame Edna's devoted public. Needless to say, it will prove to have been the highlight of their entire lives! I mean, how could anything possibly compare to running into an international gigastar at your local shopping mall??

Someone is not impressed that they're promoting New Zealand too....I mean, Madge is a celebrity in New Zealand, so that tells you quite a lot about the kind of people you'll find there....

An unhappy moment for our Gigastar as she remembers the first time Rolf Harris offered to show her his didgeridoo...

Our thanks to these gorgeous little mites from Harvey World Travel and to Seal Communications for the photos! If you'd like to check out more shots of Simon in action, just go to our Picture Galleries. Until next time, Possums, bye-bye!