Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dame Edna News Abounds!

You little Darlings!

Aren't we all lucky Possums these days? The web is awash with all things Dame Edna and Barry Humphries, and we feel ourselves better people for it, don't we? I mean, apparently even Mother Theresa said that after she met Dame Edna she was much improved for the experience, and who can blame her?

Of course we have all been enjoying Barry on BBC One's "I'd Do Anything", but there's much, much more!

First, there's a fantastic interview with Barry on the Independent.ie site. Check it out, Possums! He talks about his legendary spat with Salma Hayek, his recent time in the hospital, his painting and latest project with Hewlett Packard, as well as future plans. How gorgeous!

There's also Dame Edna's recent appearance on CNN's "Quest" program, in which host Richard Quest speaks to the world's most famous "Dames" in the episode "Quest for an Honour".

And last but not least, in the UK's Independent, a fun article entitled "How We Met: Barry Humphries and Jeffrey Archer". Of course, little Jeffrey has been a regular guest on Dame Edna's many TV programs. So to end today's post, here's a glimpse of Jeffrey and a host of celebrities on "One More Audience with Dame Edna". Enjoy, Possums!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sir Les Patterson Appears With a Nancy?

Hello, Possums!

Well, my little darlings, what did you think of the latest episode of I'd Do Anything on BBC One? For us, the highlight was undoubtedly the performance from the gorgeous Jodie.

She's definitely got Gigastar quality, that girl! And we know a Gigastar when we see one!

Barry Humphries was adorned in a fabulous Dame Edna-inspired wisteria coloured ensemble this week. But when Barry was providing his feedback to Jodie, it wasn't Edna but Sir Les Patterson who seemed to, ahem, rise to the occasion. Commenting on Jodie's performance, Barry said:

"I always thought of you as 'jolly Jodie' - like a barmaid - so (you'd) say 'Make mine a large one please, Jodie!"

He went on to say some very nice things to Jodie, Possums, but there was definitely a whiff of Sir Les about that comment, don't you think?

In celebration of Sir Les, a great Australian diplomat and tribute to his country, here's a great clip featuring Joan Rivers and Australia's Cultural Attache in action:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thank Goodness for Barry, Possums!

Hello Possums!

You little darlings! Like you, we've been keeping up with the latest on BBC One's "I'd Do Anything!", if only to enjoy a little quality time with Dame Edna's 'manager', Barry Humphries.

And although Dame Edna rarely has a good word to say about him, we say "Thank Goodness for Barry!" While his fellow judges are taking the proceedings (not to mention themselves...) just a tad too seriously, blessedly, we have Barry to add a touch of levity to the scene! Most of his fabulous comments to the Nancy hopefuls fall into a wonderful Dame Edna-like "..and I mean that in a nice way..." category.

Here are some of our favourites from the most recent show:
  • (to Francesca) "...Nancy's a gin drinker...you look a bit 'dairy-fed' to me..."
  • "Jodie was very raunchy indeed...congratulations!"
  • (to Ashley) "...wonderful red hair...you're like an attractive Fergie..."
And then an hilarious comment which Dame Edna would surely have declared "a little un-called for" and perhaps a bit yucky:
  • (to Samantha) "You're like a kind of young - and more interesting - Catherine Zeta-Jones. I don't know if you share her taste for older men..."
Keep 'em coming, Barry! We'll be back next week to see you keep these gorgeous little non-entities laughing!