Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dame Edna at Renishaw Hall!

Everyone aspires to live as fabulously as Dame Edna does (she is, after all, the ultimate Housewife/Megastar!), and Edna has always taken an interest in her Possums and their homes.

In her ground-breaking theatrical appearances, she often enquires if her audience members live in nice homes ("...well, Possum, you can afford've saved on clothes..."), if their homes are attached to other people's homes (in Mooney Ponds everyone has their own home), and if they have a shag on the stairs (I mean carpet, of course! Don't twist my words!).

She even explored the nooks and crannies of her audience members' homes in her fabulous TV show "Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch". Lucky little darlings!

And this summer, Dame Edna will be lending a touch of glittering gladioli glamour to the home of the Sitwell family - Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire!

The gorgeous possums at Renishaw have added a Dame Edna exhibit to their stately home this summer. Visitors will be able to enjoy a showcase of Edna's costumes, accessories, and photographs. How exciting!

After wandering around the home and grounds of Renishaw, groups of bewildered senior citizens will be so grateful to discover the exhibit featuring their favourite international phenomenon and swami.

After all, if you've got a choice between a gilded portrait of a crusty old ancestor, or an Australian Gigastar, you're going to choose the Gigastar every time!!!

So quicksticks, Possums! Clear your schedule and make your way to Renishaw Hall soon! Who knows...there might even be incidents of healing. Edna often has that effect on people - they're finding discarded canes in the aisles of her theatres all the time - and Renishaw could be the next Lourdes!!!

With Dame Edna memorabilia at the V&A Museum in London as well, it seems Edna is on the cutting-edge of exhibitions these days! It won't be long before her best friend Lillibet begs her to lend some diamonds and frocks to a summer exhibit at Buckingham Palace. Well, someone's got to give the place a little glamour....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Delicious Dame Edna!

You little darlings!

Dame Edna is a vision, it can't be denied. And although she is, perhaps, not a traditional beauty, she is looking unbelievably gorgeous these days.

The worlds of fashion and glamour seem to agree. She recently inspired a fabulous MAC (Megastar Approved Cosmetics) make-up collection, and non-entities and stars alike clamour for her beauty tips!

She will admit to a touch of plastic surgery (her double chin is a graft from Elizabeth Taylor's left-over love handles....), but in the main, it is her inner gorgeousness that shines through to make her an icon of our age.

And so her image has been honoured time and time again - on stamps, magazine covers, statues, and even waxworks. It's only a matter of time before the Australian currency is emblazoned with her fabulous face.

But who would have guessed that she would be immortalised in a gallery, next to Michelangelo's statue of David?

Well, it's happened, Possums!

In chocolate.

Yes, that's right! Panny's Amazing World of Chocolate, on Phillip Island, Australia, have created a wall mural of Dame Edna, entirely from chocolate.

Quicksticks, Possums! If you want to see this extraordinary work of culinary art, you'll have to be fast. Our source at Panny's tells us that they've had to post security guards around the exhibit, because Edna's disappointing daughter Valmai keeps showing up and eating pieces of the mural's chocolates.

And since her break-up with that rather rugged Czech tennis player Fern Bratislava, Valmai's been eating like never before. They'll be lucky if there's even a rhinestone left by Friday...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Dame Edna at the V&A!

You little darlings!

If you're wondering what you might do over the fast-approaching Easter long weekend, why not visit the gorgeous Victoria and Albert Museum in London?

They've recently opened some new "Theatre and Performance" Galleries, and it's no surprise that the world's most celebrated Housewife/Megastar features in the exhibit!!!

Dame Edna is, of course, the theatre world's foremost style icon (little Helen Mirren and Judi Dench are always calling to borrow a frock or diamond bracelet!).

And so it's only right that Edna's Baked Beans dress from the "Dame Edna's Work Experience" television show, and her 1976 Sydney Opera House hat for Ascot, are displayed at the V&A amongst the best of the UK's theatrical gems.

Quicksticks, Possums! Check out these articles for more details: : That's Entertainment - The New Costumes at the Victoria and Albert Museum : Dame Edna Everage's 1976 Ascot Hat

Performance Monkey : Theatre Behind Glass : The V&A Opens Its New Theatre and Performance Galleries

Rumour has it that the good people at the V&A have begged Edna to lend them the gorgeous collection of frocks she has had designed by her son Kenny over the years. The addition of a "Kenny Everage Originals" Gallery at the museum would surely be an unrivalled attraction, don't you think?