Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dame Edna Becomes Diet Guru with Jenny Craig!


Are you in need of some help to shed a few pounds?  Is the sight of Sir Les Patterson not enough to put you off your food?

Worry not, possums!  As usual, our favourite housewife/megastar is coming to your rescue, showing you the way!  

Despite previously having plastic surgery so that she looks her age - having crow's feet inserted because she looked too young, and grafting one of Elizabeth Taylor's love handles onto her chin to give her a slightly heavier appearance - she has now decided that her adoring public need her assistance in their battle with the bulge.

And so with her friends at Jenny Craig in Australia, she will be losing weight ahead of her eagerly anticipated tour "Eat, Pray, Laugh!" down under.  As always, she'll be helping non-entities around the world as they follow her progress, providing the inspiration they need in their own pursuit of gigastar gorgeousness.

Check it out, possums: