Monday, January 28, 2008

Dame Edna on canvas!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Dame Edna's 'manager' Barry Humphries has been in the headlines a great deal of late. You'll remember that he is currently recuperating from an appendix operation last month, and sadly had to postpone a number of appearances, both in the US and in Scotland.

But you can't keep a good man down, and we're pleased to say there is much news of Mr. Humphries these days.

First, readers of the Guardian enjoyed a 'Q & A' with him in the Saturday Magazine. When asked "What do you owe your parents?" his reply was "A long talking-to". Marvellous!

You can find the complete exchange here:
Barry Humphries - Guardian Q & A

In further news of this modern renaissance man, the company HP have recently announced that they are teaming up with Barry Humphries and Dame Edna for a new campaign called "What Do You Have to Say?".

The Observer reports:
"Barry Humphries will go head to head with his alter ego, Dame Edna Everage, tomorrow in a public battle for artistic appreciation. The 73-year-old Australian star, who is recovering from peritonitis that almost killed him earlier this month, has decided to go ahead with the launch of his innovative online art gallery. Humphries has painted seriously since his teens and has agreed to be at the centre of a new art project that will allow internet users not just to download his work for free, but to alter it."

How fabulous! To give you a little preview, here's what our glittering gigastar Dame Edna has to say about her contribution to the project:

"Possums! When I was invited to dash off a masterpiece and share it with the world, picking a subject was easy - ME! So here is a colourful image of both your and my favourite person to cherish."

Quicksticks! Check it out, you little darlings!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Dame Edna" Appearance!

You little darlings!

Our mailbag is always full of enquiries from desperate folk hoping to catch a glimpse of our very own Dame Edna impersonator Simon Whitehouse in action. Of course, the majority of his appearances as Edna are at events and gatherings far too exclusive for non-entities such as yourselves.....and I mean that nicely! Call me old-fashioned, but I do!

Movers and shakers around the country clamour for the presence of
Dame Edna at their dull little parties, hoping that a little of her gigastar glamour will rub off on their colourless lives, and that her wisdom and sage advice will gladden their hearts. And inevitably, it does! After all, don't forget that after meeting Dame Edna, Mother Theresa said she felt a better person for it!

Isn't that spooky?!

So I'm thrilled to bring you news of an event to which you're all invited!

Those gorgeous little mites at Music Mosaic (event specialists par excellence!) are hosting a fabulous showcase evening in London on Monday, 28th January featuring their best and brightest entertainment acts. And, of course, the evening wouldn't be complete without the appearance of the world's favourite Housewife/Superstar!

You'll find the invitation by clicking here or you can visit their website and give them a call!

So mark your calendars and we'll see you on the big night, Possums!

And be sure to check back soon, as we'll be letting you know about new additions to Edna's Gorgeous Gallery on the website.

Bye, bye, Darlings! Bye, bye!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Get Well, Dame Edna!

Oh Possums!

The life of a beloved Housewife/Gigastar is never an easy one. After decades of 'giving', Australia's favourite international phenomenon, Dame Edna, has been advised by her trusted doctor, Dr. Schadenfreude, that she requires a "little feminine procedure" and several months of rest. Sadly, this means that she has had to postpone both her American tour and her much anticipated appearance at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

And in a spooky ole coincidence, we learn that Dame Edna's manager Barry Humphries has also been told by doctors to rest after an appendix operation in Australia last month.

We wonder if they are recuperating in the same wing of the hospital? Perhaps Dame Edna has dispatched her trusty New Zealand bridesmaid Madge to offer some bedside care to the ailing Humphries? Madge is well used to hospitals, having assisted Edna with the care of her beloved husband Norm during all the years he had a "hint of chrome" about him. They say Madge was his right hand.... Well, what use is a New Zealand bridesmaid if she can't lend a helping hand from time to time?

In any event, we wish them both a speedy recovery and eagerly await the news of Dame Edna's triumphant return to the stage in the very near future! No doubt her juices will be flowing again in no time!

And finally, to celebrate both of these comedy legends, here is a link to a few segments from the marvelous TV documentary "Barry Humphries: The Man Inside Dame Edna". It was a truly fabulous look at a comedy genius and his inimitable creation. Enjoy:

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dame Edna - A New Year TV Appearance!

Happy New Year, Possums!!!

You little darlings! 2008 promises to be a busy ol' year in the life of our favourite Australian gigastar. Following a Christmas season in her gorgeous Swiss mountain mansion with Madge (they sat around the fire pulling each other's crackers!), Dame Edna is back in action and soon to start a new American tour, caring and sharing with her adoring fans Stateside.

Knowing that Edna is coming to the USA, we hear that Hilary Clinton has been sending her desperate requests to come and help on the campaign trail, the little minx. A woman of unparalleled political influence, Dame Edna just might be able to help give little 'Hil' a much needed boost in the polls. After all, she helped George Bush by simply sending him an atlas and showing him where Iraq actually was (bless him - he thought it was a shelf for his iPod....).

Closer to home, Dame Edna's estranged manager Barry Humphries will be profiled in an exciting new TV show on Channel 4 called "Barry Humprhies: The Man Inside Dame Edna" ....a title I suspect Dame Edna would seriously disapprove of! Call me old fashioned, but I think she would!

To get you warmed up for this special TV event, we have a fabulous little clip from a recent Australian TV interview:

The man behind Dame Edna
The man behind Dame Edna

So mark your calendars and don't miss the show, Possums! It's on Channel 4 at 10 pm on the 9th of January. What an exciting way to start 2008! Happy New Year, Possums!