Friday, July 22, 2011

A Dame Edna Media Alert!

Hello Possums!

Dame Edna has been a busy ol' gigastar of late, with new guest spots on radio and television for us all to enjoy. The world is desperate for a glimpse of the glamour whenever she can fit in an appearance between advising Obama, bailing out Greece with her squillions, and offering the Pope spiritual counselling (as well as begging him to stop wearing those yucky!).

You've got another day to catch the fabulous Edna on BBC4's "Barry Humphries in Weimar"...could she be a modern Marlene Dietrich?

And you'll want to mark your diaries for a glittering gigastar guest spot on the The Rob Brydon Show , 19th of August at 10pm, on BBC One! Don't miss it, my darlings!

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