Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dame Edna on Loose Women

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Following our Gigastar TV alert in the last post, Dame Edna's triumphant appearance on the season's final episode of Loose Women has been the talk of grateful fans all over the country!

As the show's producer apparently noted, the presence of Australia's first lady, without question, "raised the standard" of the show. Rather than dumbing down, she provided some much needed "Daming up!".

She shared her words of wisdom on family, fame and fortune, and also offered a tip to the 'celebrity' panel (which I'm sure she meant nicely):

"I'd like to think....that I'll always be quite humble. I don't take any of my success for granted. And if any of you ever become successful, please take my advice!"

Classic Dame Edna! Fabulous!

Thanks to our friends at YouTube, we're thrilled to bring you a gorgeous glimpse of the glamour. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dame Edna TV Alert!

You little darlings!

Excited possums up and down the country will be clearing their schedules and setting their recorders for a fabulous TV event tomorrow...

Our favourite Australian gigastar and international phenomenon Dame Edna Everage will be joining the panel on ITV's Loose Women for their season finale. Isn't that gorgeous?

Quicksticks! Check out the Loose Women "Coming Up" page, and cancel any other plans you might have for tomorrow at 12:30 pm. Nothing else could be as important as this!!!

I just hope you have room in your box (don't twist my words, you little minx...I mean set-top box of course) to record the show!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Dame Edna Accepts Award for Humphries

Hello Possums!

This week we bring you news of the 2008 Helpmann Awards (Australia's equivalent to the Tony Awards).

A new production of Britains' "Billy Elliot" won several awards, and
among the glitterati treading the red carpet were Cate Blanchett and Caroline O'Connor!

But most importantly, we're delighted to tell you that Barry Humphries was presented with the JC Williamson Award for outstanding contribution to the live performance industry. Isn't that gorgeous?

Apparently Barry was unable to attend, but Dame Edna accepted the award on his behalf via video link from London. While we're sure Barry was thrilled to be given this prestigious award, it seems that Dame Edna was less than impressed...

The Australian Stage website reports that during the acceptance, she remarked that Barry had "been living off her rare gifts for far too long now!"

But her sympathetic side later shone through, and she clearly felt sorry for poor Barry, stating:

"I have more hideous statuettes in my spare room than the Queen has polyester headscarves, but this one I will treasure certainly for the next few days and then I might lend it to Barry to adorn his naked mantelpiece." (ABC News)

No wonder Edna is known for her caring, sharing and giving! Such a generous heart!