Monday, July 27, 2009

Dame Edna Tour Website Launched!

Hello Possums!

There is joyous news this week as we get closer to Dame Edna's triumphant return to UK stages with her legendary show "The Last Night of the Poms".... A gorgeous new website has been launched!

Just think of it! Non-entities around the the country will soon be busy exploring Edna's space. Oh, don't twist my words, you little minx...I mean web space, of course! Check it out here:

Edna was recently on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross to tell the world about the show (well, I'm sure it won't be so much of a show as a ground-breaking theatrical experience with, perhaps, a bit of healing....), and the press has been thrilled to learn about her return to these shores after a gorgeous season of caring and sharing with her American fans overseas. In fact, g2 in the Guardian today announces Dame Edna's upcoming tour as the Number 1 show to look forward to in 2009! But of course!!!

Check out today's news in the press:

Times Online: Dame Edna Everage Returns to Britain

Guardian Online: Comedy 2009 - 20 Best Live Shows

And if you haven't already got your tickets, Possums, you'd best rush out immediately to get them now! More than ever, the world needs the inspiration of an international Gigastar, and the theatres are sure to be packed to the rafters....well at least until Sir Les starts doing something a little bit yucky and uncalled for...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dame Edna dips into Jonathan Ross with Bono & Anjelica!

Hello Possums!

You little darlings! You were smiling all weekend after Dame Edna's glorious appearance on Jonathan Ross, weren't you?

Little Wossy's Friday night show was lifted to a higher level with Dame Edna's presence, and perhaps he'll now behave a little better after his mother Maureen begged Edna to keep her eye on Jonathan with some life coaching?!?

She also spoke of her stimulus package, her gorgeous gift to her gyno, and of the cutbacks she's making because of the credit crunch....absolutely hilarious!!!! There were also hints of romance with Bono, and a chat with Anjelica Huston about plastic surgery.

In case you missed television history in the making, check out this clip....

Tickets for "The Last Night at the Poms" at the Royal Albert Hall will be disappearing quickly, so grab them while you can! And as Wossy has invited Edna back again in September during her UK tour, we've more megastar magic to look forward to on a Friday night in the autumn. How gorgeous!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dame Edna and Jonathan Ross

You little darlings!

Call me old fashioned, Possums, but I'm feeling a little bit spooky! Even a little bit psychic!

In my last post, I wrote that all the top shows are clamouring for Dame Edna to appear these days...

Now my spies tell me that she's bringing a glimpse of the gigastar glamour back to the BBC and little Wossy on "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross". Isn't that gorgeous?!?

I'm told that the show will air on the 17th of July, so mark your calendars for a date with the dazzlingly divine that night.
My gladdies are trembling with anticipation, Possums!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dame Edna on the Tonight Show

Hello Possums!!!

Our gorgeous gigastar has been the talk of the town in LA for some time now, so it comes as no surprise that little Jay Leno asked Dame Edna to be on The Tonight Show during his last week on the air. In fact, Edna has been saving Jay's shows for some time now, making regular appearances and sharing her hope, wisdom, and experience, and occasionally doing a little healing....

The top shows all clamour for Dame Edna of course. She was a special guest of honour on Parky's final show, and she was most recently caring and sharing with Craig Fersuson too!

Here's a little glimpse of the giggles during her farewell to Jay: