Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dame Edna and Frank Sinatra!

Oh Possums!

With the UK launch of "Handling Edna", Dame Edna and Barry Humphries have both been at the forefront of all aspects of the UK media these past few weeks, and more than a few revelations have been bubbling to the surface!

Perhaps most shocking is the fact that Edna's son Kenny is quite probably Frank Sinatra's lovechild! Goodness me, Possums! Could it be? Check out this clip from the BBC's "The One Show":

As her manager, Barry Humphries has been promoting the book everywhere, trying desperately to boost sales before Dame Edna's legal suit forces the book to be taken from stores and pulped. In fact, Barry says that fans should buy numerous copies, because if this happens, the book will be a collectors' items! Sounds like good advice!!!

Dame Edna has also recently conducted a Twinterview for Waterstones, during which we learned that she's in talks to make a film called "Slumdog Megastar", set in London's East End. It seems that Barry's tell-all book can't hold back the world's most popular and sought after woman. She's an international phenomenon that just can't be stopped!

And thank goodness for that!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dame Edna and the Pope - Soon a Saint?

Hello Possums!

It's been a busy ole time in the whirling world of our favourite glittering gigastar!

Most recently, she's been the featured guest on BBC One's "The One Show" , dismissing and downplaying Barry Humphries' new book "Handling Edna", which apparently makes a few claims that Edna is not too pleased about.

During her interview, she also let slip that she's having dinner with the Pope during his visit to the UK. Of course we're not surprised that Dame Edna and the Pope are good friends...she's the confidante and advisor to the world's most powerful leaders. In fact, we've heard that little Benny (that's what she likes to call him!) pesters her day and night for spiritual advice.

She also tries to offer him some fashion tips, because she's doesn't like the idea of a man wearing a frock. In fact, she thinks it's a little bit yucky!

And for all this assistance over the years, we're told that a Sainthood is in the pipeline for Dame Edna! Isn't that gorgeous?!

But we know that you're dying to find out more about "Handling Edna", so here's Barry to give you the scoop:

Want to find out more? Then quicksticks! Get your tickets for Barry's talk at the V&A, or go to his signing at Hatchards Books. The world can't wait to read this book!!!