Thursday, July 24, 2008

A "Dame Edna" Day at the Races!

Hello, Possums!

News this week of a gorgeous Antipodean day out at the races! And a rare, much sought after opportunity to see our fabulous Gigastar impersonator Simon appear as Dame Edna, caring and sharing with her adoring public!

On 31st July, Sandown Park Racecourse is hosting a "Big Night Down Under", promising a celebration of Southern Hemisphere culture.

It's no surprise then that Simon's Dame Edna will be a part of the fun - we all know that Dame Edna represents the height of Australian culture (forgetting of course Cultural Attache Sir Les Patterson...and Dame Edna does her very best to forget him...).

The South African newspaper reports that the day promises something for everyone, including "biltong and barbies a-plenty, a chance to sample some find Antipodean wines, stubbies and pies, a bikini parade from top surfwear brand and the deep mystical tones of the didgeridoo!"

And best of all, you gorgeous little mites, you could have a Megastar meeting with Simon's Dame Edna, an event which almost certainly will be the highlight of the day, not to mention your entire lives! Call me old-fashioned, but it will!

So quicksticks, Possums, check out the Sandown website and make your plans to join us for one of the highlights of the Antipodean calendar!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Dame Edna Mystery

You little darlings!

This week, Possums, we have a mystery on our hands, Dame Edna style...

We've spied a gorgeous little Dame Edna video on YouTube, featuring our favourite Gigastar hosting a rather hilarious TV gameshow-type contest.

The show features James Dreyfus of "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" fame, as well as a selection of rather beefy participants (...perhaps they're associates of Edna's son Kenny and his 'friend' Clifford...?).

The game is called "Soap Your Studs!", and is absolutely hysterical! Here it is:

Here at "The Untamed Edna Experience", we pride ourselves on knowing just about everything there is to know about our celebrated Housewife/Gigastar, but we haven't seen this clip before, and we can't recall the show it might be taken from.

Can you help, Possums?

The show appears to be taped in the ITV studios on the Southbank of London, and based on Dame Edna's fabulous look, we would estimate that it was made within the last 15 years or so. The set is a rather marvelous hospital inspired set-up, and the "Kenny Everage original frock" features a glittering representation of Dame Edna's "vital organs"... how gorgeous!

If you know the show from which this clip is taken, or any other details, please get in touch, Possums! We're dying to know!