Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - Episode 5 Review

Hello, Possums! Hello darlings!

How the time is flying - we're already to episode 5 in what thankful non-entities all over the country are calling Dame Edna's triumphant, ground-breaking, and life-altering return to our previously dull TV screens - The Dame Edna Treatment !

What a great time we've been having with Australia's gigastar/housewife! Clearly, the press couldn't agree more. The Telegraph's TV magazine writes "Edna has been in formidable form throughout this comeback run; time (even this much time) hasn't mellowed her a bit." And aren't we a grateful bunch of Possums for that!

At this point in the series, Dame Edna's juices are really flowing, and her adoring audiences are lapping it up (if you'll excuse the expression...)!

In treatment at Spa Edna this week were superstar Susan Sarandon, Ian McShane, Rod Stewart's little mite Kimberly, and singing diva Dame Shirley Bassey. Fabulous!

The show got off to an hilarious start when we discovered Valmai, looking suitably hideous in a 'nightclub' outfit, trying to sneak out of the spa for a night on the town with Kimberly. Edna aborted this plan immediately, with a scene that really defies explanation...suffice it to say that Valmai was given a ground level security sweep with a mirror, and either the mirror was cracked, or she was attempting to go out 'commando'....oh dear! It was truly hysterical!

First on the couch was little Ian McShane who's show Edna kept thinking was called 'Driftwood' (aka 'Deadwood'), has been a huge hit stateside. Edna's gentle probing of little Ian was thorough, to say the least. She adores Ian, and told him "You're attractive, but in a funny way...not to me!". She went on to say that he reminded her of her late husband Norm: "When I look at you and close my eyes, I can see Norm....and yet if I open them...you're nothing like him at all!" Classic Edna!

This gorgeous session of caring and sharing also revealed that Ian had dipped his toes into the world of popular music some years ago. With typical sensitivity to a subject Ian might have found embarrassing, she produced a record album he recorded in the 80s, asking "Do you remember when albums were this size?" She told us it was one of the few that actually sold, and that they found that copy at a 'Help the Aged' shop....but she meant it nicely, I'm sure!

Next up was Hollywood superstar Susan Sarandon. This was a fun interview! With 4 films coming out in the future, Dame Edna theorised as to the secret behind Susan's success: "...while other actresses are busy having reconstruction and surgery...you've let nature take it's course and you have vacuumed up all the mature parts!" She meant it in a caring way, of course! Heaping further praise (in her own gentle style) she added, "I like your face more now than I did in your earlier films....because I've got used to it!"

Dame Edna also had a fabulous surprise up her (Kenny Everage original) sleeve for little Susan, in the form of Richard O'Brien - creator of the Rocky Horror Show! For old time's sake, Richard got Susan and the whole studio up to do a little 'Time Warp'ing. Apparently Valmai loves doing the 'Time Warp' in her room...which is why Dame Edna has had to have her house underpinned!

The icing on the cake of this delicious show was, of course, the performance by Shirley Bassey! In addition to singing her Bond-styled new single, she also wowed us with a duet of "Big Spender" with Edna!

Dame Edna introduced this show-stopping finale in typically humble fashion telling us: "It's the moment you've all been waiting for. It's the biggest Dame in show business, and she's back...and thank goodness I am! And accompanying me tonight is that other Dame - adorable Shirley Bassey." Quite right, too!

This was a gorgeous night on the tele, Possums! International glamour, in-depth probing, and the sage widsom of an international guru and gigastar. Can't wait for next week, my darlings! See you then!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - Episode 4 Review

Oh, Possums! What a treat we had on Saturday night with episode 4 of The Dame Edna Treatment!

When we heard that giga-star Dame Edna Everage was going to be inviting the Little Britain boys to her exclusive spa treatment centre, we knew it was going to be fun, but this episode turned out to be best so far in this ground-breaking series! From the outset, when Dame Edna greeted her adoring studio audience, looking resplendent in a "Kenny Everage Original", our favourite Australian housewife was on a roll. She declared that spring was in the air, and that her sap was rising and her pheromones were moaning! Marvelous!!!

It was such a great night, and the laughs were fast and furious. Dame Edna's first guests, Matt Lucas and David Walliams of "Little Britain" fame, were up to mischief right from the start, with Matt doing a great impersonation of Valmai at the Treament Centre desk, and David snogging Valmai centre stage (perhaps he didn't have his contacts in?)

During her time of caring and sharing with the boys, Dame Edna professed to never missing an episode of Little Britain...because she is a big fan of Tom Baker! She also loves the catchphrases created by the series, and told them her favourite was "Am I bovered?". Hilarious! David said that fans often shouted "I'm a lady" to him, but Matt admitted he doesn't like it when men dress as women...that he finds it a little yukky! Dame Edna agreed immediately, and said she felt that when men behave like that, it indicated that something had gone wrong in their home life.

Dame Edna has such a knack of getting to the heart of an issue, don't you think? Classic!

Always with her finger on the pulse of current issues, Dame Edna enquired if Matt had been bullied at school, pointing out that he was slightly "unusual" looking (she did it nicely, of course!). She then went on to reveal that as a child Valmai had been bullied, bullied, bullied...that's why Dame Edna sent her to school....in the mornings she didn't have any more energy to bully Valmai any longer! It was brilliant, and the audience collapsed into laughter.

It was such a joy to watch Matt and David during this segment, as they were clearly having as much fun as we were!

Next on the treatment couch was Piers Morgan, and Dame Edna obviously enjoyed making little Piers squirm during his time in her presence. The scene was set beautifully when she asked him to sign a confidentiality contract so that the revelations from their interview wouldn't make into the country's gutter press. She then told him that she had been watching his long career, and that she still wasn't sure who he was and what he does....and having perused some of his publications it seemed to her that he was as much in the dark as she was! Go, Edna, go!!!

But as Edna's way is always to be so nice, she did have some kind words for Piers, the poor little mite. She said that his new book was ideal....for pressing flowers, declaring "Whoever would have thought Piers Morgan's career would lead to beautiful things...".

No question, then, that Piers Morgan got The Dame Edna Treatment!!!

Edna's final guest was pop superstar Deborah Harry, who first met our Australian international phenomenon in her dressing room after one of her life-changing shows in San Francisco. Gorgeous little Debbie chatted about her days as a Playboy bunny and her film roles. Dame Edna probed further, and enquired about any piercing she might have. Valmai, we learned, has her naval pierced...that way if she breaks down it's easier to tow her away. Fabulous!!!

This hysterical evening ended with a duet of Dame Edna and Deborah Harry singing the Blondie hit "One Way or Another". Dame Edna's prowess as a dancer had me laughing out loud - and I mean that nicely, Possums, I do!

It was the most enjoyable night in Spa Edna yet, and next week promises to be amazing too - with guests Dame Shirley Bassey, Susan Sarandon, Ian McShane, and Rod Stewart's gorgeous little girl Kimberly. Don't miss it, you little darlings - Saturday at 10 pm on ITV1.

And don't forget, Possums - if you've been to a taping or want to share your favourite moments of The Dame Edna Treatment, get in touch with Simon or Dale here. Quicksticks, darlings! It's always gorgeous to hear from you!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are you missing Dame Edna, Possums?

Hello, Possums!

You little darlings! With the absence of Dame Edna from our TV screens over the Easter weekend, are you suffering from DEDS (Dame Edna Deprivation Syndrome)?

Well, worry not! I found a gorgeous little clip on YouTube featuring Barry Humphries discussing Dame Edna and Sir Les from the TV program "100 Greatest Stand Ups". It's the perfect antidote to a nasty case of DEDS, and should see you through until the next episode of The Dame Edna Treatment on Saturday night (21:40 ITV1). Enjoy!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - Episode 3 Review

Oh, Possums! What a glamorous ol' week it was in at Spa Edna!

This week, our celebrity healer, swami, and international heroine welcomed some fabulous stars to her treatment centre, and she gave them all a gentle, if not thorough probing.

First in treatment was Alec Baldwin, who joined Dame Edna on set in a bathrobe following his steam room session. This was a wonderful segment, and we really saw Dame Edna on top form.

Revelations were the order of the night! First, we learned that Alec is "OC/DC", that is to say that he suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Dame Edna, simply to clarify, wondered what the difference was between being OC/DC and being anally retentive...and suffice it to say that the conversation went deeper and deeper (now don't twist my words!)

We also learned that Alec played with dolls as a child, and in a funny coincidence, so did Dame Edna's son Kenny! Who would have guessed? And moreover, Alec's doll was named Kenny, and he apparently tended to put various parts of the doll in his mouth...truly, these are disclosures no other show could have achieved...

Next on the couch was Amanda Holden who, although in this correspondent's opinion is not exactly A-list, was great fun.

In going through Amanda's records as she entered Spa Edna, Dame Edna asked her which part of her body she least liked. She replied that it was her feet, and Valmai quickly brought in a foot spa with "Ednox" soak.

At this point we learned that
Dame Edna is blessed with a fortune-telling gift passed down to her from the ancient Hittites in which she "reads shoes"- hilarious! - so while Amanda was soaking her tootsies, Dame Edna proceeded to give her a reading. She then went into a trance (an hysterical sight!) and in a vision saw two words.....Shoe Express....

It was classic Edna!

Other guests included Tim Allen (whose films include The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2, and The Santa Clause 3....oh, dear!), Shane Ritchie (who was fast-tracked by Dame Edna from the waiting room into a sunbed appointment, only to be burned to a crisp by a negligent Valmai), and a Naomi Campbell lookalike who was polishing Edna's brass as part of her community service.

The icing on the cake of this delicious Dame Edna show, was singer Engelbert Humperdinck, who didn't quite seem to know what was going on exactly (memories of Gina Lollobrigida from 'A Night on Mount Edna'...).

As Dame Edna was looking over his new CD of greatest hits, she noted that the cover said "36 Greatest Hits"....then added "...not all of them yours...". I'm sure she meant it nicely!

To cap off the evening, we were treated to a fantastic duet between Dame Edna and 'Eng', singing "Quando, Quando, Quando". It was a fabulous Dame Edna extravaganza, with the audience swaying gladis, the guest stars doing the conga and shaking their maracas, and the backing dancers giving it their all in wisteria hair. She and Eng gave an energetic and vocally charged performance, topping off a fantastic evening!

Simon and I were at the taping of this episode, Possums, and it was a really great night. The audience had such fun, and the things that didn't make it into the final show kept us laughing long after we left the studio. Maybe that will make another posting in the future...?

I see from the TV listings, that due to the Easter weekend, we won't get the next episode until the 14th of April. Whatever will we do without Edna's gigastar glamour on our TV screens until then?