Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Gorgeous Gigastar Greeting!

Happy Christmas, Possums!


A little festive treat from the
'Dame Edna Christmas Experience' TV show:


Here's hoping that Santa visits you
with his bulging sacks!!!


From "The Untamed Edna Experience", to you and yours, we wish you a Merry & Magical Megastar Chrissie Season!

Gladi tidings to one and all!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dame Edna at Sydney Opera House!

You little darlings!

We all know that the glitter of a gigastar is sure to brighten the Chrissie season!

So it seems that Dame Edna's possums in Australia will be flocking to the Sydney Opera House tonight for some seasonal megastar magic! They're in for a rare holiday treat - a gorgeous little show she's doing with Sir Les Patterson and Barry Humprhies, along with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Richard Tognetti.

Dame Edna's famous Sydney Opera House hat!

It's unfortunate that Sir Les Patterson, Cultural Attache and Minister for the Yartz, will be there to spoil the holiday mood, but no doubt Edna will bring some gladi tidings to the stage and save the day!

Check out these links for all the details:

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dame Edna in BBC Advent Calendar!

You little darlings!

You're excited because Chrissie is coming, aren't you? And what better way to celebrate the countdown to the big day than with an advent calendar?

But, of course, you're not looking for just any old advent calendar! You're looking for one with a bit of megastar magic to it. And who could blame you?

Well, the good news is that our friends at BBC Radio 4 have given everyone a gorgeous gift - an online advent calendar, with some of their favourite clips from the Today show. How wonderful!

And it's no surprise to anyone that one of the clips they've chosen is John Humphrys' September interview with Dame Edna. In it, Dame Edna discussed the possibility of becoming a Today programme presenter, and worried that Mr Humphrys might find her a little too stimulating to work beside...(well, she is a woman with all her drives and her juices flowing!).

So click on the link to find the Today advent calendar, and here's hoping we don't have to wait too long to hear Dame Edna's dulcet tones. It will truly be a Christmas blessing!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dame Edna and Michael Feinstein Feud?

Oh Possums!

It's been a spooky ol' time in the world of Broadway publicity this week...

Some time ago, we revealed that Dame Edna would be returning to the Big Apple in the spring of 2010 with a gorgeous new show called "It's All About Me".

But very recently, showbiz media sources began reporting that celebrated crooner Michael Feinstein would also be opening a show at the same time titled "All About Me", and a fabulous feud between our glittering gigastar and the polished pianist began!

Obviously, the problems that could be caused by such similar titles were evident to all, and the publicists geared into overdrive. Duelling dispatches and snappy statements started swirling about, and we've got the best bits for you here:

Michael Feinstein - 5th November
“While I was very surprised to learn of the similarity of titles, I’ve always been a fan of Dame Edna, and I wish her all the best.”

Dame Edna
- 9th November"
" 'It’s All About Me' is my title. While I was saddened to hear that Mr. Feinstein did not heed my sage advice to change the title of his show, I’m overjoyed to hear that he at least took my suggestion to open his show after mine. I’m sure Mrs. Feinstein is very proud of her son.”

Michael Feinstein
- 10th November

“Titles are not copyrightable. I wish Ms. Edna well. I’ve heard of her.”

Dame Edna
- 10th November
"....wishes to respond to Michael Feinstein’s comment to the press from earlier today:
'Someone purchased a CD of Mr. Feinstein’s at a flea market in Australia and re-gifted it to me recently. I’m impressed at how often he sings on key.' ”

But wait, Possums! Was it all a phoney feud after all? The New York Times reported yesterday that Dame Edna and Feinstein would, in fact, be joining forces in a show called "All About Me", and the stars had this to say:

Michael Feinstein - 12th November
“I have always been a huge fan of the Dame, and despite our previous friction, now that my mother has forgiven her, I couldn’t be more excited to be joining her on Broadway.”

Dame Edna
- 12th November
“Michael Feinstein is a performer of the highest caliber, I believe, and I couldn’t be more than excited to be sharing a Broadway stage with him, in moderation.”

Perhaps the clue was in the original announcements all along? When both shows were first unveiled, the releases stated that each show would be in a "...Shubert Theatre to be announced...". Do I hear a penny dropping?

In any event, everyone involved has had a lot of fun with this, and it certainly gears up the anticipation for the show. No doubt it will be showbiz history in the making! And who knows, perhaps this will be the beginning of a string of gorgeous new collaborations for Dame Edna. Our wisteria wonder might next join forces with Oprah Winfrey for a new production of
"The Color Purple"...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Barry Humphries on ABC Radio!

You little darlings!

The bonza buzz about Barry's book continues, Possums!

Following the launch of "Handling Edna" earlier this month, Barry has been a busy man promoting the book down under. As part of the promotional tour, he was recently a guest on several ABC radio programmes, and we thought you might enjoy hearing the interviews!

There were many revealing moments, including the news that Dame Edna had a dalliance or two with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Leonard Cohen some years ago. Goodness me! That's quite a departure from the life of a Moonee Ponds housewife! And yet, she's truly a woman of remarkable talents and charisma, so surely nobody can be surprised that some of the world's most famous men have found her wisteria locks alluring. (She still declares joyously that she is a woman who continues to have her drives and her juices flowing...)

There's also thrilling news in the ABC Sydney interview that Jennifer Aniston is likely to play Edna in a new film about her remarkable life! Isn't that gorgeous?!

Click on the links to hear Barry reveal all, Possums:

ABC Sydney

ABC National Breakfast Radio

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dame Edna and Craig

You little darlings!

Following the news last week of a new Dame Edna book, you're practically quivering with excitement, aren't you?

While you're waiting for the release of the book outside of Oz, you're going to need another dose of the Dame this week to help you cope!

Keeping to the theme, we thought you might enjoy this clip of Dame Edna reading from Craig Ferguson's autobiography. You may recall that Edna helped Craig earlier this year by appearing on his little show, just as she's helped Parky, Paul O'Grady, Jay Leno, and so many others in the past. There's no denying, she thinks only of others!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dame Edna - A New Book!

Hello Possums!

Several days ago I promised a week full of electrifying and edifying Edna news, and here I am, you little darlings, with more headlines concerning our dazzling dame...

Today I'm thrilled to tell you that Barry Humphries has just released a new book in Australia called:

"Handling Edna - The Unauthorised Biography"!

It tells the story of the 'other' Barry Humphries - the Barry Humphries who is the man behind the gigastar - the manager who made it possible for the frumpy housewife from Mooney Ponds to become the international phenomenon we all know and love today.

Hatchette's official description of this fabulous new title reads:

In this unauthorised biography, acquired for an unprecedented advance and in spectacular secrecy, long-time manager and the man who was there from the very beginning, Barry Humphries takes a behind-the-scenes, no-holds-barred look at an icon of our times - Dame Edna Everage."

Non-entities and gigastar-groupies the world over will be desperate to get hold of a copy of this gorgeous new release as soon as possible!

Quicksticks, Possums! Click through to "" to read an exclusive extract, as well as an interview with the great man himself:

The Night I Met Dame Edna Everage: Exclusive Book Extract

Dame Edna Uncovered

No news yet as to when we might expect the book to be out in the UK, but we'll keep you posted! In the meantime, if you're looking for a dose of the Dame or a little bit of Barry by your bedside, here is a selection of previous book releases by and about Humphries:

As always, if you have any news about Dame Edna to share with an adoring public, get in touch with us at The Untamed Edna Experience. We're always thrilled to hear from you, Possums!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dame Edna Wins Award!

You little darlings!

As you all know, at The Untamed Edna Experience, we're always thrilled to bring you the very latest Dame Edna news, and this week it's going to be a bonza bumper week of megastar magic!

Today we bring you the exciting announcement that Dame Edna has received the James Joyce Award from the
Literary and Historical Society at University College Dublin. In recognition of more than 50 years of caring and sharing and giving her possums the gigastar gift of laughter, the award was given to Edna's 'manager' Barry Humprhies on Tuesday. How gorgeous!

Quicksticks! Check out these links for the fabulous full scoop:

Ireland OnLine No Everage Dame

Later this week we'll bring you more antipodean announcements from the world of our favourite housewife/megastar! A new book, a new show, and so much more....

Non-entities the world over will be uniting in celebration, darlings!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dame Edna - New BBC Job?

Hello Possums!

Celebrated BBC news journalist and presenter John Humphrys interviewed Dame Edna this morning on the Today programme. It seems, amidst all the talk of the BBC search for a 'more mature female news presenter', that Dame Edna might be considered a leading candidate for the job!

Of course viewers and listeners would flock to the BBC's programmes if Edna became the presenter. She would look gorgeous, and would give the news a fresh sensitivity in a caring and sharing way.

On the other hand, as confidant to all of the world's great leaders, she might find her impartiality called into question.

After all, Michelle Obama is constantly calling her to ask for wardrobe and decorating advice, and little Oby (as only Edna is allowed to call him!) is forever on the phone to discuss the Middle East. Gordon Brown is always begging her to lend the UK a few squillion pounds to help him out of this terrible financial mess, and the Pope often asks for spiritual advice (she humours him, but in truth doesn't like the idea of a man dressing up in a frock all the time!!!).

So it would be a miracle if she had the time to read the news for the BBC, much less be impartial. She also worries that John Humphrys might find her too stimulating to sit next to.

And yet, the rumours persist, and the public cries out for some glamour on the news screens.

Click here to listen again to John's interview with Dame Edna.

She's confident she would be wonderful at the job, and who could argue with her? BBC News may never be the same again...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dame Edna Returns to Broadway in Spring 2010!

You little darlings!

I'm very excited, Possums! Call me old fashioned, but I am.

It's been a week of non-stop glittering gigastar news. The internet has been filled with announcements, headlines and reports about the world's favourite housewife/megastar in these past days! Here's the latest:


Dame Edna is returning to Broadway...
...with a gorgeous new show called "It's All About Me!". She's already a Tony Award and Drama Desk Award winner, and clearly, her gorgeous Possums in NYC are clamouring for more. Lucky little mites! The show will be a strictly limited run, and will be directed by another Tony Award winner, Jerry Zaks. Check out the announcements from Playbill News, Variety, The NY Times, Broadway World, and Dan Cirucci.


Dame Edna continues her Poms tour in the UK...
...following her big opening (don't twist my words!) in London with "The Last Night of the Poms". The critics all adored Edna (and even the disgustingly brilliant Sir Les Patterson), and all agreed they wanted more Edna and less music. Who wouldn't?

The Evening Standard declared Patterson a "magnificent monster.....on filthily fine form, insulting the stony-faced Sheilas in the front row and boorishly berating latecomers."

UK comedy guide Chortle called it a "phenomenal production" and Dame Edna "on glitteringly bitchy form, with banter as slick, and as gloriously condescending, as (she) ever was
". Editor's note: she means it nicely!

The Guardian writes that "...Les and Edna – back on the UK stage for the first time in 10 years – are great. Edna arrives boasting that she has just adopted a 'chocolate-coloured' baby from 'the same village where Madonna shops for her loved ones'." She's always thinking of others!

In the programme, Edna confides that composer/conductor Carl Davis "has not aged since I first met him. He looked like a very old man then and, bless him, has hardly changed since. It would be false modesty to say that he composed all the music, some of the best bits I hummed to him in his sleep under circumstances I would prefer not to share with the reader". Well, she's a woman at the height of her powers, with all her drives and juices, isn't she?!?

There are still three dates in the tour - Birmingham, Bournemouth, and Liverpool - and you can read what Barry Humphries has to say about this upcoming appearance in the Liverpool Daily Post.


Dame Edna to appear on The Paul O'Grady Show...
...on Monday! It's a new series, and Dame Edna is on the first show. Make a date with Paul and Edna at 17:00 on Channel 4. How gorgeous!


London to New York, stage to screen....
in these times of global distress, Dame Edna is doing her bit to make the world a better place...caring and sharing in glittering gigastar global fashion. What would we do without her?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dame Edna on BBC's Front Row

You little darlings!

The excitement is building, isn't it, Possums?!!

Tomorrow night, the world's greatest Dame will be on stage at The Royal Albert Hall for The Last Night of the Poms!!! The entertainment world is a-flutter with anticipation, and non-entities all over the country have been counting down the hours and minutes until their favourite housewife, healer, swami, and gigastar will be on stage again to brighten their dull, meaningless lives!

In fact, when interviewed by the BBC's Mark Lawson for Front Row (listen again here!), Dame Edna insisted she could never leave the public eye because of the great need of her public! Mark suggested that she might retire again and again like Barbra Streisand or Frank Sinatra, but Edna replied:

"I won't retire, because the public want me! There is a big need for me! There's been a poll, and apparently I'm not just a star...I'm not just a lovely person...I'm not just the most famous Australian on the planet...I'm a Vitamin. I'm Vitamin E. When I'm not around, people suffer from EDS... Edna Deprivation Syndrome. And I'm setting that right..."

We've even heard a rumour that Gordon Brown has sent a note of thanks to Dame Edna, for helping the country in a way that he just can't. Bless him.

So break out the gladdies and the sequins, Possums, and get ready for the night of your life! The Last Night of the Poms will be in London, Brighton, Birmingham, Bournemouth, & Liverpool, and you can get your tickets here!

And check back soon, because Dame Edna's adoring fans from The Untamed Edna Experience will be there on the first night at the Albert Hall, and we'll have a full report for you in the days ahead!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dame Edna in SAGA Magazine!

Hello Possums!

As the excitement grows prior to Dame Edna's much anticipated return to the British stage, her fans around the country are desperate to hear more from their favourite Gigastar. As she says herself, "Because of the awful weather...(my British audiences) have always needed cheering up, and I'm in the 'cheering up' business, big time." Hallelujah!

So it is with a joyous heart that readers of SAGA magazine will be picking up their August issue, as a resplendent Dame Edna graces the cover, and is interviewed about her life and upcoming tour!

Check it out here!

In the article, Dame Edna discusses her tour of "The Last Night of the Poms" (gorgeous!), her relationship with Sir Les (a nightmare!), and sex (overrated!), as well as a sharing her beauty tips and life lessons.

Here is a little sneak peak:

Have you ever experienced age discrimination?
I have never experienced age discrimination, though my mother has. She is very, very old, a terrible handful, and I discriminate against her every time I see her.

This is the first time for 28 years that you and Sir Les Patterson have shared a stage. Did you fall out?
I have never fallen "in" with Les Patterson. He is coarse and I am refined. When you come to this wonderful show, you will notice that we are separated by an intermission so that I never have to meet him backstage. But I must admit, he tells the story of Peter and the Shark rather charmingly - if he is sober. It's a famous Australian fairytale. Peter and the Wolf copied it.

What is the main lesson life has so far taught you?
That laughter is the greatest healer of all.

Amen to that!

So hurry out and buy your copy of SAGA magazine today, Possums! If there ever was an example of fabulous after 50, it's got to be our glittering gigastar Edna!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dame Edna Tour Website Launched!

Hello Possums!

There is joyous news this week as we get closer to Dame Edna's triumphant return to UK stages with her legendary show "The Last Night of the Poms".... A gorgeous new website has been launched!

Just think of it! Non-entities around the the country will soon be busy exploring Edna's space. Oh, don't twist my words, you little minx...I mean web space, of course! Check it out here:

Edna was recently on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross to tell the world about the show (well, I'm sure it won't be so much of a show as a ground-breaking theatrical experience with, perhaps, a bit of healing....), and the press has been thrilled to learn about her return to these shores after a gorgeous season of caring and sharing with her American fans overseas. In fact, g2 in the Guardian today announces Dame Edna's upcoming tour as the Number 1 show to look forward to in 2009! But of course!!!

Check out today's news in the press:

Times Online: Dame Edna Everage Returns to Britain

Guardian Online: Comedy 2009 - 20 Best Live Shows

And if you haven't already got your tickets, Possums, you'd best rush out immediately to get them now! More than ever, the world needs the inspiration of an international Gigastar, and the theatres are sure to be packed to the rafters....well at least until Sir Les starts doing something a little bit yucky and uncalled for...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dame Edna dips into Jonathan Ross with Bono & Anjelica!

Hello Possums!

You little darlings! You were smiling all weekend after Dame Edna's glorious appearance on Jonathan Ross, weren't you?

Little Wossy's Friday night show was lifted to a higher level with Dame Edna's presence, and perhaps he'll now behave a little better after his mother Maureen begged Edna to keep her eye on Jonathan with some life coaching?!?

She also spoke of her stimulus package, her gorgeous gift to her gyno, and of the cutbacks she's making because of the credit crunch....absolutely hilarious!!!! There were also hints of romance with Bono, and a chat with Anjelica Huston about plastic surgery.

In case you missed television history in the making, check out this clip....

Tickets for "The Last Night at the Poms" at the Royal Albert Hall will be disappearing quickly, so grab them while you can! And as Wossy has invited Edna back again in September during her UK tour, we've more megastar magic to look forward to on a Friday night in the autumn. How gorgeous!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dame Edna and Jonathan Ross

You little darlings!

Call me old fashioned, Possums, but I'm feeling a little bit spooky! Even a little bit psychic!

In my last post, I wrote that all the top shows are clamouring for Dame Edna to appear these days...

Now my spies tell me that she's bringing a glimpse of the gigastar glamour back to the BBC and little Wossy on "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross". Isn't that gorgeous?!?

I'm told that the show will air on the 17th of July, so mark your calendars for a date with the dazzlingly divine that night.
My gladdies are trembling with anticipation, Possums!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dame Edna on the Tonight Show

Hello Possums!!!

Our gorgeous gigastar has been the talk of the town in LA for some time now, so it comes as no surprise that little Jay Leno asked Dame Edna to be on The Tonight Show during his last week on the air. In fact, Edna has been saving Jay's shows for some time now, making regular appearances and sharing her hope, wisdom, and experience, and occasionally doing a little healing....

The top shows all clamour for Dame Edna of course. She was a special guest of honour on Parky's final show, and she was most recently caring and sharing with Craig Fersuson too!

Here's a little glimpse of the giggles during her farewell to Jay:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dame Edna at the Hollywood Bowl!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Our favourite Australian Gigastar has been busy brightening the lives of those lucky little mites in the City of Angels, Los Angeles recently. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger no doubt begged her to come to his gorgeous state to spread her own sunshine and offer some economic advice... and as she says herself, her latest show "My First Last Tour" is something of a stimulus package in itself!

Not only has she been caring and sharing and empowering audiences at the fabulous Ahmanson Theatre, she also added the Glam factor to the Hollywood Bowl's opening night on June 19th, introducing Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Josh Groban!

In fact, acclaimed fashion designer Nick Verreos said "One of the highlights of the entire night was when Dame Edna came out on stage in a red sequined gown and almost brought the house down with her hysterical sassy humor." And Variety noted that "it was Dame Edna who brought the house down.'Kiri Te Kanawa,' she said, was Maori for 'gorgeous woman in sparkling dress.' "

Check out this clip of Edna with Dame Kiri and little Josh:

And of course the web is awash with praise for Edna's show "My First Last Tour", Possums! Check out these articles and blog reviews:

Theatre, Books and Movies 2009


A Life in the Day

The Los Angeles Independent Review


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dame Edna on Craig Ferguson - Video!

Hello again, Possums!

Did you catch our gorgeous Australian gigastar on the Craig Ferguson show last night? It was gripping television viewing (of course!), and Dame Edna was wearing the most fabulous new frock....("Paris Hilton wears other people's clothes - I wear myself!").

She chatted, among other things, about the possibility of becoming Queen and America's First Lady, and of her husband's prostate transplant surgery. What other talk show guest can provide that kind of scintillating discussion in one night?

Craig introduced Edna as a "legendary performer who is frankly too good for this show!". Dame Edna couldn't have said it better herself (well, actually, she probably has said it on a number of occasions herself...).

Just in cased you missed the megastar mirth, here are a few clips of the fun:

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dame Edna on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson"!

You little darlings!

Dame Edna is really making a splash these days with US late night talk show hosts. Last week she graced the gorgeous Jay Leno with an appearance during his last week of shows (lucky little mite!!!), and tonight, Edna will be adding a delicious dash of gladioli glamour to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson!

She's a busy ole Gigastar these days, as she also opens tonight at LA's Ahmanson Theatre with her latest theatrical experience "My First Last Tour". No doubt she'll be jumping into her Edna-Air helicopter after the show to swoop over to little Craig's studio. It's a wonder she fits it all in between the desperate calls from Michelle Obama at the White House for fashion advice (well, she managed to get Barbara Bush out of polyester, just think what she can do for Michelle....).

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - check it out, Possums!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Barry Humphries on Desert Island Discs!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

This week we bring you news of Dame Edna's longtime 'manager' Barry Humphries, and a very exciting guest spot on the wireless! Barry is the celebrity guest on the most recent episode of BBC Radio 4's "Desert Island Discs".

Not to be outdone by Dame Edna (who, by the way, has been invited not once, but twice, to care and share with the Desert Island Discs audience!), Barry is a fantastic castaway, and shares some brilliant stories about his youth, and rise to fame around the world.

Ever with his finger on the pulse and a sly reference to Susan Boyle (of "Britain's Got Talent" fame), Barry says of Dame Edna...

" ....(she is a) shy, rather shrill, & dowdy woman...but we all know, don't we, that frumps can sometimes triumph!"

And of his epitaph, he seemingly channels Edna when he tells his host...

"I really would like an opportunity to write it myself. It would be pretty well a catalogue of excessive compliments..."

Wonderful! So check it out, Possums! Barry's "Desert Island Discs" episode can be heard again on BBC Radio 4 on Friday, 29th May, at 09:00.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day with Dame Edna!

Hello Possums!

It's Mother's Day today in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. And so what better way to celebrate than by spending the day with the world's most famous mother and gigastar, Dame Edna Everage?!!

Dame Edna with disappointing daughter Valmai

In Australia, mothers and families will be flocking to the cinema today to see "Dame Edna - Back With A Vengeance" which was originally filmed live at Sydney's Capitol Theatre. How gorgeous! The official CinemaLive announcement tells us:

"Dame Edna is arguably the most famous female face of the nation, her intelligence, wit and poise is envied around the world. She's the consummate performer, having entertained everyone from the Royal Family to Broadway and now for the first time ever, cinema audiences.

Winner of "The Lovely Motherhood Quest" and self professed Gigastar, Dame Edna will have you crying with laughter this Mother's Day."

Mother's all over Oz will be clamouring to hear and follow Dame Edna's example and sage advice about bringing up a family: "
I made the best decision of my life. I put my family last. They never thank you if you put them first."

Wise words. She is, after all, the world's most gifted and influential women!

Here too, is a Mother's Day interview with Dame Edna for the Gay and Lesbian Times, in advance of her appearance in San Diego with her latest show "Dame Edna: My First Last Tour"...

A Conversation With Dame Edna Everage

Happy Mother's Day, Possums!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Dame Edna and Joan Rivers!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Today we bring you a little Bank Holiday video treat...

As you know, our favourite Gigastar is currently touring the US with her latest cutting edge theatrical experience - "Dame Edna - My First Last Tour". She's recently been "caring and sharing" in Boston (check out this review!), and soon will be taking the gladi glamour to the lucky little darlings of San Diego.

To celebrate her fabulous success in America, we thought we'd bring you little look at Dame Edna then, and Dame Edna now:

Dame Edna then: With Joan Rivers in her first US appearance...

Dame Edna now: Boston TV ads for "My First Last Tour"...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dame Edna at Renishaw Hall!

Everyone aspires to live as fabulously as Dame Edna does (she is, after all, the ultimate Housewife/Megastar!), and Edna has always taken an interest in her Possums and their homes.

In her ground-breaking theatrical appearances, she often enquires if her audience members live in nice homes ("...well, Possum, you can afford've saved on clothes..."), if their homes are attached to other people's homes (in Mooney Ponds everyone has their own home), and if they have a shag on the stairs (I mean carpet, of course! Don't twist my words!).

She even explored the nooks and crannies of her audience members' homes in her fabulous TV show "Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch". Lucky little darlings!

And this summer, Dame Edna will be lending a touch of glittering gladioli glamour to the home of the Sitwell family - Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire!

The gorgeous possums at Renishaw have added a Dame Edna exhibit to their stately home this summer. Visitors will be able to enjoy a showcase of Edna's costumes, accessories, and photographs. How exciting!

After wandering around the home and grounds of Renishaw, groups of bewildered senior citizens will be so grateful to discover the exhibit featuring their favourite international phenomenon and swami.

After all, if you've got a choice between a gilded portrait of a crusty old ancestor, or an Australian Gigastar, you're going to choose the Gigastar every time!!!

So quicksticks, Possums! Clear your schedule and make your way to Renishaw Hall soon! Who knows...there might even be incidents of healing. Edna often has that effect on people - they're finding discarded canes in the aisles of her theatres all the time - and Renishaw could be the next Lourdes!!!

With Dame Edna memorabilia at the V&A Museum in London as well, it seems Edna is on the cutting-edge of exhibitions these days! It won't be long before her best friend Lillibet begs her to lend some diamonds and frocks to a summer exhibit at Buckingham Palace. Well, someone's got to give the place a little glamour....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Delicious Dame Edna!

You little darlings!

Dame Edna is a vision, it can't be denied. And although she is, perhaps, not a traditional beauty, she is looking unbelievably gorgeous these days.

The worlds of fashion and glamour seem to agree. She recently inspired a fabulous MAC (Megastar Approved Cosmetics) make-up collection, and non-entities and stars alike clamour for her beauty tips!

She will admit to a touch of plastic surgery (her double chin is a graft from Elizabeth Taylor's left-over love handles....), but in the main, it is her inner gorgeousness that shines through to make her an icon of our age.

And so her image has been honoured time and time again - on stamps, magazine covers, statues, and even waxworks. It's only a matter of time before the Australian currency is emblazoned with her fabulous face.

But who would have guessed that she would be immortalised in a gallery, next to Michelangelo's statue of David?

Well, it's happened, Possums!

In chocolate.

Yes, that's right! Panny's Amazing World of Chocolate, on Phillip Island, Australia, have created a wall mural of Dame Edna, entirely from chocolate.

Quicksticks, Possums! If you want to see this extraordinary work of culinary art, you'll have to be fast. Our source at Panny's tells us that they've had to post security guards around the exhibit, because Edna's disappointing daughter Valmai keeps showing up and eating pieces of the mural's chocolates.

And since her break-up with that rather rugged Czech tennis player Fern Bratislava, Valmai's been eating like never before. They'll be lucky if there's even a rhinestone left by Friday...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Dame Edna at the V&A!

You little darlings!

If you're wondering what you might do over the fast-approaching Easter long weekend, why not visit the gorgeous Victoria and Albert Museum in London?

They've recently opened some new "Theatre and Performance" Galleries, and it's no surprise that the world's most celebrated Housewife/Megastar features in the exhibit!!!

Dame Edna is, of course, the theatre world's foremost style icon (little Helen Mirren and Judi Dench are always calling to borrow a frock or diamond bracelet!).

And so it's only right that Edna's Baked Beans dress from the "Dame Edna's Work Experience" television show, and her 1976 Sydney Opera House hat for Ascot, are displayed at the V&A amongst the best of the UK's theatrical gems.

Quicksticks, Possums! Check out these articles for more details: : That's Entertainment - The New Costumes at the Victoria and Albert Museum : Dame Edna Everage's 1976 Ascot Hat

Performance Monkey : Theatre Behind Glass : The V&A Opens Its New Theatre and Performance Galleries

Rumour has it that the good people at the V&A have begged Edna to lend them the gorgeous collection of frocks she has had designed by her son Kenny over the years. The addition of a "Kenny Everage Originals" Gallery at the museum would surely be an unrivalled attraction, don't you think?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dame Edna Lookalike Contest!

Hello Possums!

As Dame Edna continues to tour America with her "vibrantly stimulating theatrical infrastructure" in the form of "Dame Edna - My First Last Tour", we have news that the gorgeous little non-entities of Florida have been invited to enter a Dame Edna Lookalike contest to win tickets to the show.

Dame Edna is, of course, an international style guru and fashion icon (most recently celebrated with her own MAC collection!), and desperados the world over are always attempting to recreate the gigastar glamour, with mostly inadequate results. After all, very few have her eye for refined understatement, do they?

No doubt her adoring fans will enter this contest in their squillions!

But - goodness me! - let's hope that there won't be any men entering. I think that the idea of a man getting dressed up in women's clothing is a little uncalled-for.

A little bit yucky.

Call me old-fashioned, Possums, but I do!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dame Edna Back On Tour in the USA!

Hello Possums!

Just in time for the weekend, we bring you a
review of Dame Edna's gorgeous show "My First Last Tour", which she is now performing to the grateful non-entities of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Edna is back on tour in the USA for the next four months, prior to her return to the UK in her dazzling show "The Last Night of the Poms". She's a busy 'ol Housewife / Megastar!

In light of the world's tragic state of affairs, we've no doubt that they'll all be begging for day passes from their Florida "Sunset Retirement Facilities", desperate for a glimpse of the gladioli glamour. They will, of course, be heavily medicated and confused, but will certainly enjoy the colour and the movement - the lucky little mites!

Here then is the article from The Miami Herald, with several brief video clips of the show to enjoy:

Dame Edna's Still Got Game

They must have been grateful on opening night when, gazing out at the adoring multitudes she remarked "You've aged tragically, even for Florida!". Call me old fashioned, but I'm sure she meant it nicely!

Monday, March 09, 2009

More Celebrations of Barry!

You little Darlings!

Following on from our last post celebrating Barry Humphries' 75th birthday, we're pleased this week to bring you a link to yet another article about the brilliant Bazza.

The Sunday Times recently featured an article written by Kathy Lette, Barry's neighbour in London, discussing his life, loves, and of course, laughs. Enjoy, Possums:

Always Dame For a Laugh - The Sunday Times

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Barry Humphries - Happy 75th Birthday!

Hello Possums!

Rejoice, you little darlings, for today is the birthday of "The Man Inside Dame Edna", Barry Humphries. And can you believe it, he's 75 years young! Astounding!

To celebrate, we thought we'd bring you this fantastic article from "The Australian":

Barry Humphries, The Clown Prince of Suburbia

...and this from the BBC:

Have a bonzer birthday, Barry! Hope it's a right ripper!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"The Man Inside Dame Edna" Airs in Oz

Hello Possums!

News this week that the documentary "The Man Inside Dame Edna", first seen in the UK on Channel 4, is airing tonight on ABC in Australia - the lucky little darlings!

This gorgeous tele outing was filmed during Dame Edna's 2007 tour of Australia with her glittering show "Back With A Vengeance". The Australian version of the programme is 10 minutes longer, and has a more Australian focus in addition to extra material about Humphries' rise to fame between the 50s and 70s.

Here at The Untamed Edna Experience, we adored this rare glimpse into the genius of Barry Humphries, and we hope that someday this new broadcast might some day be available on DVD!!! But until then, here is a brief YouTube clip of the programme. Sadly, it features Sir Les Patterson, who we must all agree is a little bit yucky and uncalled for, but what can you do...?