Monday, December 24, 2007

A Dame Edna Christmas Cracker

Merry Christmas, Possums!!!

Gorgeous Gigastar Greetings! We hope this finds you enjoying a Bonza Chrissie season, you darling little non-entities!

As a special holiday treat, and for our final blog entry of the year, here are some festive video memories from Dame Edna's seasonal archives. First, the wonderful "Message to the Commonwealth" from Parkinson's 2001 Christmas show. And then, a fabulous trip down our Christmas memory lane, with a clip from The Dame Edna Christmas Experience. Enjoy, Possums!

Online Videos by

"Gladi Tidings" for the holidays, Possums!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Dame Edna Chrissie Visit

Hello, Possums!

Following Dame Edna's triumphant appearance on Parkinson's final show (wasn't he a grateful ole wrinkly TV presenter?), we've got another seasonal treat for you....Dame Edna's wonderful Christmas visit with American funny man Jay Leno.

So you see, it's not only Parky. Celebrity interviewers the world over beg our Housewife/Gigastar to come and save their shows from non-entity guests whose names no-one knows. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dame Edna "Becks the Halls" with Parky!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Well, it won't be long now until our beloved Gigastar Housewife graces our TV screens once again! Isn't that exciting?

Yes, "The Final Conversation" episode of Parkinson will be aired on Sunday, 16th December at 9 pm on ITV. Parky will be joined by the world's most influential woman, Dame Edna Everage, as well as Goldenballs himself, David Beckham, among other luminaries from the show's long back catalogue of favourite guests. Quicksticks! Mark it on your TV guide and set your machines! This is sure to be an episode to remember!

Call me old-fashioned, but it's a little bit spooky to think that Parky will be departing from our screens! Thankfully we have YouTube, from which we can enjoy a few examples of all the many occasions when Dame Edna "saved" his show by appearing.

In addition, news of Dame Edna's 2008 tour in North America has been announced, and more dates are being added. Check out all the lucky little Possums who will be able to Care and Share with her in the New Year on Dame Edna's Official Appearances Page. Just think of all those fortunate non-entities whose lives will never be the same again!

We have also spotted that Dame Edna's manager, Barry Humphries has published a fabulous "Christmas Notebook" article in the Spectator - be sure to read it!

It's a busy-ole time in the world of Dame Edna, for which the world can only be eternally grateful!

Until next time, Possums! Bye-Bye! Bye-Bye!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dame Edna Wishes Parky A Fond Farewell

You little Darlings!

What lucky Possums we are here in the UK! Hot on the heels of our news in previous posts of Dame Edna's celebrated appearances around the country, media sources everywhere have been announcing this week that Australia's housewife/superstar will be joining Parkinson for his final show! Isn't that exciting?

Evidently, Parky provided ITV with his "guest wishlist" for the show, and of course Dame Edna was one of his favoured choices! Other guests will include Dame Judi Dench, Sir David Attenborough and David Beckham, who's 'goldenballs' Dame Edna apparently showed particular interest in during the taping!

As recording of the show came to a conclusion, Parky said, "Over the years it has been a privilege to meet some of the most intelligent and interesting people." (Clearly, he was refering primarily to Dame Edna who is, as we all know, the world's most fascinating and influential woman.)

Throughout Parky's long career, of course, she has (as she humbly puts it) "saved" the Parkinson show by joining the line-up many, many times. Here are a few gems from her last appearance this spring:

We're told that the fabulous new episode with Dame Edna will air on 15th December, to be followed the week after by a Parky documentary restrospective. Don't miss it, Possums!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dame Edna UK News!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Gigastar fans the world over will be looking to the UK with envy as yet another announcement of a Dame Edna appearance on these shores is made this month. Following her triumphant appearance recently at Fashion Rocks in London and the news that she'll be granting a rare audience to her Scottish "McPossums" at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival next spring, the non-entities of Birmingham will be able to catch a glimpse of the gladioli glamour when Dame Edna joins Jasper Carrott for his "Christmas Rock with Laughter" show in December. Lucky little darlings!

Not only that, but following the spectacular return of Dame Edna to the UK talk show scene earlier this year with "The Dame Edna Treatment", the Times reports that with the announcement of a new talk show hosted by Lily Allen (oh dear....), our Antipodean queen of TV talk shows has offered a few words of advise to little Lily:

"It’s very important to be interesting yourself. Most guests, let’s face it, however famous they are, are boring, with no intellectual resources and very little sense of humour, particularly if they are comedians. People only watch my shows for me, and those shows have remained evergreen long after the guests are forgotten.

Always wear beautiful clothes, preferably a different frock for every show, and don’t overdo the hospitality beforehand. An intoxicated guest is a loose canon and I’m not referring to my famous interview with Jack Palance that didn’t go to air!

I have a spooky feeling your show will be wonderful. Have me on as a guest and your success will be guaranteed!"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! And if Lily Allen wants to learn a little about the expert interviewing techniques of an Antipodean international phenomenon, she need only visit YouTube. Here's an example of talk show heaven taken from the 50th Anniversary Episode of The Dame Edna Treatment. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dame Edna at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Oh, Possums!

What a joyous time it is for non-entities and gigastar fans everywhere in Scotland!

It has just been announced that Dame Edna will be appearing at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival next spring - her first appearance in Scotland in over a decade!

Dame Edna said of the appearance: "My Dear Glaswegian Possums! Can you believe it's been umpteen years since you flocked to the theatre to worship at my shrine? So wait no more my little McPossums!

I'm coming back for one night only to spread my message of caring and sharing at that spooky yet strangely intimate Clyde Auditorium. Don't miss this seminal and pivotal life-enhancing experience."

For the full story on BBC News, click here!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dame Edna at Fashion Rocks 2007

You little Darlings!

What a glittering week it has been for our beloved gigastar and international phenomenon, Dame Edna Everage! Always known for her unparalleled "giving" and "caring and sharing" for good causes (she is, after all, the Chairwoman of the Friends of the Prostate!), it's no surprise that Dame Edna made a show-stopping appearance on 18th October at The Royal Albert Hall for "Fashion Rocks 2007" in support of The Prince's Trust.

This year, the event was, in fact, called "Swarovski Fashion Rocks", and so "glittering" is truly the only way to describe the night. Dame Edna got into the spirit of it all with a stunning frock covered in crystal sparkles and, of course, she was a spectacle with her Swarovski studded face furniture.

Web reports from "msn entertainment" noted that "...Dame Edna Everage had the stars laughing into their champagne into the wee hours..." Check out the details and pictures here!

Making a few well observed comments about the models, she remarked "There is a lot of emotion backstage - the human giraffes are either sobbing or sniffing...". Continuing with the comedy cocaine reference, she also noted that they were " nervous they'd been running to the toilet all evening!"

Among the stars joining our gorgeous antipodean legend at Fashion Rocks were Dame Shirley Bassey, James Nesbitt and David Walliams - all guests on her fabulous TV show "The Dame Edna Treatment" earlier this year.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Barry Humphries Collects CBE!

Hello, Possums!

Although we're thrilled, we suspect Dame Edna may not be pleased to hear the news that her manager, Barry Humphries, has just been to see her good friend the Queen to collect his CBE. The big event took place at Buckingham Palace yesterday, 10th October.

Of course, both Dame Edna and Sir Les have been enjoying their esteemed titles for years, so perhaps they won't begrudge little Barry his moment in the royal glow? In that regard, upon receiving the news of the award earlier this year, Humphries remarked
"I'm deeply honoured. At last I can address Sir Les Patterson and Dame Edna on an improved footing".

We first brought you news of the award in a June posting, and now you can check out the full BBC coverage here:

BBC News - Edna Star Humphries collects CBE

BBC News - In Pictures: Royal Honours

You can also take a look at their article about the man who created a gigastar legend:

Friday, October 05, 2007

Dame Edna's Fashion Advice for Bush

You little darlings!

This week we bring you some topical interactive gigastar fun (I'll bet that's a phrase you never thought you'd hear...)

Let me explain.

Last month, little George Bush visited Dame Edna's Australian homeland for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. The media were, of course, on hand to watch his every move, and much to the enjoyment of intelligent folk around the world, report on his gaffes.

Among his comical errors during his stay, he was reported to say in a speech that he was happy to be at the OPEC meeting.... Bless, the poor dear didn't even seem to know where he was or why he was there!

In addition to it's serious reporting, the Sydney Morning Herald website has also provided readers with a cyberspace opportunity to give the President a make-over, Australian style. As you can see below, the choices of outfits for little George are plentiful:

We all know that Dame Edna is an international style icon, and so it seems fitting to see what George would look like in gigastar togs. Perhaps a "Kenny Everage Original" would suit? What do you think:

Well, maybe it's a look that only a woman of Dame Edna's sophistication and glamour can pull off. In any event, try it for yourself here!

I expect that Dame Edna will be relieved when little George moves out of the White House. We all know that she generously gives advice, wisdom and healing to leaders all over the world. They rely on her her experience and sophistication all the time. But the current president has been something of a burden to our beloved gigastar. After all, it's common knowledge that he regularly calls and wakes her in the middle of the night from the other side of the globe..... The poor mite doesn't seem to know there are time zones!

Until next time, Possums! Bye-bye!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dame Edna Auctions Norm's Prostate!

Hello, Possums!

Dame Edna, as we know, is alway giving. In fact, she tells us that her gynaecologist looked up the other day and said, "Dame Edna, when are you going to stop giving?".

So it comes as no surprise to learn that our beloved Gigastar/Housewife selflessly donated her husband Norm's prostate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) to auction at a fund-raising dinner last week. As Chairwoman of the Friends of the Prostate and the new Prostate Olympics, Dame Edna is always giving a helping hand, and we imagine she was thrilled to share a little piece of Norm for this very good cause.

The auction was a huge success, and it sold for $7000 !!!

And now the legacy of Norm's prostate continues. The winner of this treasured item has now listed it on ebay in Australia, and all proceeds from this new auction will also go to the PCFA. The listing reads "Enclosed in a glass dome and polished mahogany base, this is indeed a remarkable memento... that is now being offered to the world. It is accompanied by a signed letter from the Dame herself and a DVD of her video message." Check it out here.

Dame Edna explains in the video:

"When I learnt my husband had a prostate I tried to find out where it was - where is this Cinderella organ - but no-one would tell me."

"My husband soon after our marriage developed a prostate murmur which turned into a rumbling so loud it woke the neighbours. They asked me if I could keep the noise down - I said there is a knob but I'm not touching that."

"And here it is now here in this jar. I've treasured it, talked to it and it is in better condition that ever before."

Although the item description lists the condition of the prostate as "Used", no doubt Dame Edna fans around the world will be clamouring to get their hands on this unique momento from
her beloved Norm.

So bid, Possums! Bid! You won't get another chance like this again!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dame Edna's Dulcet Tones

You little darlings!

Have you been missing our updates, Possums? Simon has been a busy ole gigastar impersonator this summer, and he's been keeping me on the hop (well, let's face it - you can't rely on Madge to do anything, can you?). So we'll be back as soon as the helicopter touches down, with more gorgeous news of his Antipodean Caring and Sharing around the country!

In the meantime, here's a little clip I had never seen before. It features Dame Edna and Dame Kiri (whom Dame Edna taught to sing in her kitchen when Kiri was just a little bubba and pestering Edna day and night for help!) singing a fabulous floral duet (well, you have to struggle through Dame K doing a solo first, but perhaps you'll just want to pop off for a Horlicks until that's over...).

Lately we've enjoyed some history-making duets on The Dame Edna Treament, with some fabulous musical divas - k.d. lang and Dame Shirley among others. This video looks like it might be from a Parkinson TV show, possibly late 90s. If you know any more details, why not get in touch!

Until next time, Possums, enjoy!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dame Edna "Caring and Sharing" in the USA in 2008!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Gorgeous news this week, as various web articles report that Dame Edna's fabulous show "Back With A Vengeance!" is to cross the oceans again to land in the United States in 2008! What a busy ole gigastar she is!

No doubt little George Bush has been badgering Dame Edna to return to his shores to give him advice and spiritual counselling. She's such a selfless and dedicated humanitarian - always helping the disadvantaged!

And perhaps Hillary Clinton will be asking Dame Edna for campaign advice too? After all, our beloved housewife/gigastar always has her finger on the pulse of American politics. She once asked of the film 'Kill Bill' - "Is it based on Hillary Clinton's diaries by any chance?".

To close today's post, Possums, I'll leave you with a fabulous montage of Dame Edna on stage, set to her chart-topping theme tune "Niceness". This will undoubtedly be the highlight of your day, my darlings. Who knows? Possibly your decade! Enjoy....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dame Edna lookalike news!

You little darlings!

How are you? Do I sense a certain desperation in Possum-land? Starved of news of the world's most beloved phenomenon and international guru, Dame Edna Everage? Feeling more pathetic than a New Zealand bridesmaid? My goodness, you have reached a low point!

Well, worry not, Possums! We're back this week with news that Dame Edna's seminal television series (for some, more like the ultimate religious experience), The Dame Edna Treatment, will soon be on the airwaves Down Under. Our antipodean friends will be able to gain access to Dame Edna's inner sanctum, better known as Spa Edna. What a lucky bunch of non-entities they are!

But that's not all! This week, I have a gorgeous treat!

You've been asking for news of our gorgeous Dame Edna impersonator, Simon.... and so I've put together a fabulous little photo show for you below. Simon has been a busy old gigastar impersonator lately, caring and sharing up and down the country at a host of weddings, corporate events, and celebrations that otherwise would have been dreadfully dull gatherings indeed! But with a glimpse of gigastar glamour, they've been instantly transformed into life-changing experiences for one and all. Isn't that spooky?

Lights! Camera! Action!

Cool Slideshows!

And don't forget to check out our Picture Galleries on the website. We're busy updating them as we speak, with more gorgeous shots soon to be posted.

Until next time, my darlings - bye, bye!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - 50th Anniversary Show Review

Hello, Possums! Hello, Darlings!

What lucky non-entities you all are - to have spent your Saturday night basking in the glory of the world's most beloved megastar! In fact, it was probably the highlight of your lives, and the rest of your years can't help but be a huge disappointment. After watching Dame Edna's 50th Anniversary edition of her seminal new TV series "The Dame Edna Treatment" , it's bound to be all downhill from this point on.

But worry not, Possums, because we can still enjoy the memories of this fabulous show. And what a celebration it was! With a galaxy of stars on hand, including Robin Gibb, Ivana Trump, Jeffrey Archer, k.d. lang, and James Nesbitt, Dame Edna was surrounded by admirers, and of course, her unfortunate daughter Valmai and the irrepressible Sir Les Patterson.

The show opened with Edna creating an incredible spectacle by flying in on a giant pair of glasses, accompanied by the gorgeous theme song sung by Robin Gibb. The crowd were jubilant, clapping and shouting in amazement and adoration for their favourite housewife/gigastar. Her gown was magnificent - a vision of antipodean glamour (my spies tell me that each dress for this series cost £10,000 !!!!)

This was a fabulous show - probably the best of the entire series! Edna's quickfire wit was on top form, and her "caring and sharing" with her gorgeous little guests truly hilarious, as only it could be for this, the culmination of festivities all over the world to celebrate her 50th year in entertainment.

First on the couch was Slavic beauty Ivana Trump. Dame Edna's introduction was classic (and I'm sure she meant it nicely!): "Please welcome someone who idolizes me, and someone who I don't mind in the least...."

Ivana was great fun! Both women of the world, they discussed a host of topics including beauty, marriage, and charity - all topics Dame Edna knows well.

On beauty, Dame Edna told Ivana: "We're like twins" and "There's hardly a wrinkle on your face....not a great deal of movement either!". She went on to complement Ivana by telling her how relaxed she was with her..."I'm comfortable in my own skin. Let's say you're comfortable in someone else's skin, Ivana...". Fabulous!

When chatting about fitness and health, Dame Edna asked Ivana if she traveled with her gynaecologist (Ivana replied in the negative, but revealed that she travels with younger men). Our gigastar went on to tell her "I have a regular exploratory....I always choose an older man for my gynaecologist. His hand shakes a little, but that's not a drawback." Where else would we get such insights into the life of a gigastar? Classic Edna!

The best moments of the show came when k.d. lang joined the party. She brought Dame Edna a golden beer mug from Canada, to which Edna replied "Well, it's a horrible thing, but it's the thought that counts..."

k.d. clearly had a ball during her interview, giggling throughout the proceedings which was great fun!

They discussed the famous Vanity Fair cover k.d. did with Cindy Crawford, and remarked on the reversal of gender roles. Edna mused "Maybe I should play gender games? I don't think I'd make a very convincing man, k.d.", to which k.d. fell about laughing.

Then came the funniest moment in the entire series... Never one to shy away from controversy, Dame Edna said she wanted to talk about something personal with k.d. She warned that it might offend some viewers, but she wanted to bring it up anyway. She said: "There's no taboo. I make no apologies for the words, the terminology.
When did you first know you were....

It was absolutely hysterical!

She went on to tell k.d. "People are shocked when you proudly flaunt your national emblems: your maple leaf, your mountie, your beaver...." And being an international guru and counsel to leading figures like Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, she showed how truly 'nice' she can be by telling k.d. "I accept you as a gorgeous Canadian. I think more people would be happier and fulfilled if they embraced their inner Canadian."

Truly words to live by!

The entire show was filled with gems like this! Her other guests provided some moments of classic Edna too:

When Jeffrey Archer presented Dame Edna with his latest book, she replied "What is it? 'The Gospel According to Judas' ?" Jeffrey's spot later had to be 'aborted' by Edna, who, in a nod to her 1980s series, simply pressed a button on her console, and he disappeared from the set. Wonderful!

James Nesbitt also gave her an opportunity for some gentle probing. Edna noted that he had come to the spa in desperate need of follicle enhancement, and managed to get James to admit to a criminal past (stealing a Barry Manilow album as a child - how shocking!).

She also revealed to her audience that James had said that he loves David Beckham...."and that if there was a world crisis that could be solved if you kissed David Beckham, you would"......"What crisis would that be????" Poor little James didn't quite know how to respond....

And of course, the crowning moment was a show-stopping finale duet featuring Dame Edna and k.d. lang singing "I'm Every Woman!". It was fantastic, and an appropriate climax to this history making series!

But how sad it is that the series has come to an end! What will you do without your favourite gigastar/housewife on your television screens to brighten your dull lives, Possums? I don't think Saturday nights will be the same. Call me old-fashioned, but I don't!

Well here's hoping that we'll see another series soon, and that a fabulous DVD is in stores quicksticks so that we can relive each classic comedy moment. And don't forget to check back with us regularly to keep up with all the latest news about Dame Edna and her creator/manager Barry Humphries!

See you again soon, Possums! Bye-bye now! Bye-bye!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - 50th Anniversary Show

Oh, Possums! At last! A glimmer of gladioli glamour is again on the horizon!

The Dame Edna Treatment is returning to our television screens on 30th June, and what's more, this is a special episode celebrating Dame Edna's 50th anniversary of entertaining nonentities around the world in true megastar style! Isn't that exciting, my darlings?

As we reported in earlier posts about The Dame Edna Treatment, the musical guest star for this episode is the singing diva k.d.lang, who will be performing a duet of "I'm Every Woman" with Dame Edna. How gorgeous! But that's not all - Robin Gibb will also be performing - here's hoping he's going to sing the show's fantastic theme song celebrating our favourite Australian housewife/megastar!

You're practically drooling with anticipation to know who else will be visiting Spa Edna for this special occasion, aren't you, Possums?

It's a great line-up: James Nesbitt (currently seen on BBC's Jekyll), ex-inmate and author Jeffrey Archer (who was a brilliant guest of Edna's in the 80s!), and best of all, glamour-puss and New York socialite, Ivana Trump - now that should be fun!!!! Chances are that Ivana and Dame Edna are old friends - perhaps they first met in Switzerland when they both happened to be there visiting their money?

In other news, the web, of course, continues to be overwhelmed with stories of Barry Humphries and his much deserved CBE, announced just last week. Last week we reported on the fantastic interview with Dame Edna on Radio 4 about this accolade, and you can now listen to it in it's entirety here , along with a BBC News retrospective on the man behind the megastar.

It's a busy ole time in the Dame Edna universe, Possums! Television shows! Awards!
Streets renamed! Theatrical appearances! Press coverage!

Long may her reign as the queen of megastardom continue!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dame Edna Creator Barry Humphries Receives CBE!

Oh, Possums!

Isn't it exciting? Dame Edna creator Barry Humprhies has been awarded a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List this year! The newspapers and media are awash this weekend with the news!!!

Left: Headline on the front page of the The Times, with photo by Lisa Marie Williams.

BBC Radio 4 featured an interview with Dame Edna on Saturday morning (Barry Humphries learned of the honour after coming off stage in Brisbane, Australia, where he is performing in "Back With a Vengeance", his 50th Anniversary show).

Dame Edna expressed relief that Barry Humphries had finally been given an honour: "The envy and bitterness from him...I'm a dame, and even Les Patterson is a knight, and Barry has been chafing in a pretty undignified way. He's really the David Gest to my Liza Minnelli."

She went on to explain that she had a part to play in the award. "I had a little word with the Queen. I said 'Please! Throw him a crumb! Throw him something!"

The interviewer John Humphries (the nice Humphries, Dame Edna declared) went on to enquire about an award that Barry had been given previously in Australia, and Dame Edna confirmed that it was called "The Order of the Golden Wombat"...or something like that. She also said that despite the republican controversy, Australians had recently voted to keep their ties to the crown. But she also confided "I know her majesty was praying and hoping (that they wouldn't vote to remain her subjects) so she wouldn't have to make the long journey and be given very unacceptable tea cosies." She went on to say that, in any event "I'm really thought of as Australian royalty!".

Returning to the award, she seemed relieved to report that this new honour meant that Barry has calmed down a great deal despite his envy of Edna. "He's transformed...he can't wait to wear it, whatever it is...I think he expects a coronet!"

And finally, of her new show "Back With a Vengeance", she humbly told listeners "It's the best show I've ever done....every new one is!"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dame Edna Buzz

Hello Darlings! Hello Possums!

You gorgeous things! You've been desperate for another update, haven't you? Well, there's nothing like a little news of Australian megastar glamour to brighten up a day, is there?

Well, lucky for you, here at The Untamed Edna Experience office, we've been keeping track of all the glad tidings of the gladioli guru, and have found that the internet is a-buzz with lucky possums galore who have been fortunate enough to see Dame Edna's show "Back With a Vengeance" which is back on tour down-under, creating show business history.

Quicksticks, Darlings! Check out these links to the reviews and blogs of the possum-passionate:

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dame Edna is "Back With a Vengeance" in Sydney!

You little darlings!

This week we bring you news of the triumphant return of our favourite giga-star to her antipodean roots as she returns to her Australian tour and opens her latest show "Back With a Vengeance" at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

We could sense your anticipation and desperation for this news as the show opened this week on Thursday, 17th May, and so we've compiled a collection of web coverage for you to probe to your hearts content! Quicksticks, Possums! Click on the links, you little minx:

Sydney Morning Herald (video clips!)

Sydney Morning Herald - more caring and sharing!

The Daily Telegraph - with photo slide show!

And "what news of our own Dame Edna impersonator Simon?", I hear you cry. Well, darlings, he's been a busy ole giga-star impersonator, and has been bringing Dame Edna's unparalleled wit and wisdom to grateful non-entities around the country. We'll post some gorgeous photos soon, but in the meantime, why not check out our quotes page to read how we've been helping out these countless desperados - transforming their otherwise dull gatherings into glittering events of glamour and hilarity, Dame Edna-style!

Til next time, Possums!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Rumours of Dame Edna and k d lang...

Hello, Possums! Hello, darlings!

You gorgeous little mites! You've been desperate for more news of our favourite giga-star, haven't you? It must be difficult these days, being a dull, boring non-entity in a country once blessed, for 6 glorious weeks at least, by the return of Dame Edna to our television screens. My hope, strength, and understanding go out to you, Possums!

But you needn't worry, because we here at The Untamed Edna Experience are always on the look out for news of the woman who is probably the only wisteria-locked personal adviser to little Benny, the current Pope.

In fact, we've heard that Benedict was desperate for Dame Edna and Valmai to join him on his current tour of South America. You see, Benny has been trying urgently to convince his little flock in Brazil to honour the teachings of abstinence....and Dame Edna is happy to point out that Valmai is surely a prime example of the disastrous results that come from having "relations" fact, Valmai's the ultimate poster child for abstinence! But I'm sure she means it in a caring way.

But I digress, as the main news I want to bring you is from a news article we found featuring Dame Edna, who has returned triumphantly to Australia from the United Kingdom to resume her "Back with a Vengeance" tour in Sydney. The article refers, of course, to her hugely successful new TV show, The Dame Edna Treatment, and speaks of her various vocal duets with the likes of Shirley Bassey and Fergie.

But wait, Possums! Included in the list of singers is also k d lang!!! Could this mean that the 7th, and yet to air show (a 50th Anniversary retrospective), will feature singing diva k d lang? Exciting news to be sure! We'll keep our ears to the ground, and let you know if we hear anything further...

You'll find this gorgeous little article here, my darlings: The Sydney Morning Herald . Enjoy! And until next time, Possums, we'll leave you with this hilarious quote from the article:

"I still pinch myself, darling, to think it was a little over 50 years since I stepped onto the boards in Melbourne, a painfully shy woman," she says, adding that it is now the audience who are shy. "And I'm still so humble, though I don't think humility is one of the great virtues. Like chastity, it's one of the ... well, it's not even a virtue any more. It's almost a drawback."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - Episode 6 Review

Oh, Possums!

I'm a weepy ol' mega-star me old fashioned, my darlings, but I am! I am!

It's hard to believe that we've already reached the final episode of what has undoubtedly been a landmark event in television history - the glorious return of Dame Edna to our tv screens in "The Dame Edna Treatment". It's spooky how the time flies!

Now, before some of you dedicated members of the Possum Posse cry out "But wait! There was a 7th episode filmed, wasn't there?", let me reassure your gorgeous little hearts. Yes! There was, indeed, a 7th episode filmed, but it was a special episode to celebrate Dame Edna's 50 years in entertainment. (Click here to discover more of the glamorous ways the world has been celebrating this fabulous anniversary!) My little Edna-spies tell me that this may be aired in June, so keep your eyes on the listings.

But back to the matter at hand....Episode 6 from Spa Edna:

This show was a joy from start to finish! But it almost started in disaster, Possums! As Edna made her gorgeous entrance (ahem!) in a resplendent blue feathered dress, she was horrified to discover that Spa Edna had been ransacked. She cried out "I turn my back for 5 minutes...I pop over to Switzerland to visit my money and this happens...."

Who could have been responsible? Well it turns out it was Valmai (of course!). In an hilarious nod to current events, the story was that Valmai posted a notice on MySpace for a party at the spa, and a whole host of non-entities and hoodies came to party and wrecked the place. Poor Dame Edna discovered Valmai in a drunken stupor with a bottle of date-rape drugged alcohol (she should be so lucky!).

So Dame Edna immediately called the police and reported that her inner sanctum had been violated! Hilarious!

At last, when Valmai got things tidied up, Edna was able to invite her first superstar guest to the treatment couch - Alan Alda!

This was a brilliant interview, not least because Alan Alda was having so much fun!!! Dame Edna introduced him, in typically irreverent fashion by saying, "..he's the star of MASH and other shows that, actually, I can't remember..." , and the scene was set for a lot of laughs.

Among other things, Edna's probing uncovered the fact that Alan had some emergency bowel surgery recently. She told him about her many prostate charities, in memory of her husband Norm (whom she said was the very image of Alan Alda, "except for the looks...and the wit...and the talent."). The best line came when Edna said that in fact, she started the whole "prostate movement", and then asked Alan if he thought of starting a "bowel movement" which he collapsed in laughter. Classic Edna!

The caring and sharing continued apace, and Edna told him (in a nice way, of course!) she was never a fan of MASH, although she saw it's merits... I'm sure he appreciated her honesty. Well after all, she's a busy ol' gigastar, and she doesn't have the time to watch every little show on TV, does she?

Musical entertainment for Episode 6 was provided by gorgeous little Sophie Ellis-Bexter, whom Edna declared she had been a fan of ever since she heard "Murder on the Dance Floor"...which meant she had been a fan for about 20 minutes....
Brilliant introduction!

After performing her new single, little Sophie explained that she had co-written the song. Dame Edna, never one to let the details go astray, asked "Did you write the good bits or the bad bits?"

Sophie looked gorgeous. Dame Edna noted that she's had 2 years off to have a baby, and then asked "have you had it yet???"

This gorgeous interchange was then rudely interrupted by cricketer Shane Warne, who entered the spa, beer in hand, looking for the MySpace party Valmai hosted earlier... But as he is a fellow Australian, Dame Edna quickly forgave him and he joined them on the couch.

This was a brilliant interview, as Dame Edna didn't miss a single opportunity to roast her fellow countryman over the Australian coals! She noted, for example, that " lots of sports stars let themselves go when they retire, but not you! - because you were never in great shape to begin with! "

In another exclusive revelation, we learned that someone is writing a musical about Shane's life. Edna mused the casting might be difficult: "...I mean, Pavarotti has the build, but he doesn't have the hair..." Poor little Shane didn't quite know what to say, but the audience loved every minute of it!

Another interruption came, when the police arrived to investigate Dame Edna's earlier complaint about the party. Edna, ever the caring and protective parent declared " You'll never get to know my daughter's whereabouts from me..." ...while pointing them in the right direction. Well, after all, she noted that Valmai has " been looking forward to a women's prison for years ". It was hysterical!

The final patient in treatment at Spa Edna was bumbling Boris Johnson. Sadly, even Dame Edna and her spa centre couldn't do much to help the likes of Boris Johnson. As he was rattling on about some bizarre political opinion, the camera followed the faces of his fellow guests, and their looks of confusion and utter bewilderment were absolutely fantastic - so, so funny!

Edna' opinion of Boris was made clear when she brought out his book and told the audience "..this is can leave your name at a bookstore... and a couple of weeks later they'll get you a copy..." Wondrous!

The crowning glory to this brilliant show was a duet featuring Dame Edna, Sophie, and the cast of Fame performing "Fame - I Want To Live Forever!"

As Dame Edna is clearly the world's most famous and popular housewife and international phenomenon, "Fame" was the perfect ending to this seminal series. It's been absolutely wonderful having Dame Edna back with us again, and there have been so many moments of absolute brilliance!!! Here's hoping the series will be out on DVD very soon - we'll let you know as soon as we see it.

And don't forget, Possums, we still have the 50th Anniversary show to look forward to. Check back often, and we'll post the details as soon as we have them.

We'll also soon have more postings with Simon's Dame Edna news. He's been a very busy ol' gigastar impersonator lately, and we have lots to tell you about!

Bye, bye for now, my darlings! Bye, bye!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - Episode 5 Review

Hello, Possums! Hello darlings!

How the time is flying - we're already to episode 5 in what thankful non-entities all over the country are calling Dame Edna's triumphant, ground-breaking, and life-altering return to our previously dull TV screens - The Dame Edna Treatment !

What a great time we've been having with Australia's gigastar/housewife! Clearly, the press couldn't agree more. The Telegraph's TV magazine writes "Edna has been in formidable form throughout this comeback run; time (even this much time) hasn't mellowed her a bit." And aren't we a grateful bunch of Possums for that!

At this point in the series, Dame Edna's juices are really flowing, and her adoring audiences are lapping it up (if you'll excuse the expression...)!

In treatment at Spa Edna this week were superstar Susan Sarandon, Ian McShane, Rod Stewart's little mite Kimberly, and singing diva Dame Shirley Bassey. Fabulous!

The show got off to an hilarious start when we discovered Valmai, looking suitably hideous in a 'nightclub' outfit, trying to sneak out of the spa for a night on the town with Kimberly. Edna aborted this plan immediately, with a scene that really defies explanation...suffice it to say that Valmai was given a ground level security sweep with a mirror, and either the mirror was cracked, or she was attempting to go out 'commando'....oh dear! It was truly hysterical!

First on the couch was little Ian McShane who's show Edna kept thinking was called 'Driftwood' (aka 'Deadwood'), has been a huge hit stateside. Edna's gentle probing of little Ian was thorough, to say the least. She adores Ian, and told him "You're attractive, but in a funny way...not to me!". She went on to say that he reminded her of her late husband Norm: "When I look at you and close my eyes, I can see Norm....and yet if I open're nothing like him at all!" Classic Edna!

This gorgeous session of caring and sharing also revealed that Ian had dipped his toes into the world of popular music some years ago. With typical sensitivity to a subject Ian might have found embarrassing, she produced a record album he recorded in the 80s, asking "Do you remember when albums were this size?" She told us it was one of the few that actually sold, and that they found that copy at a 'Help the Aged' shop....but she meant it nicely, I'm sure!

Next up was Hollywood superstar Susan Sarandon. This was a fun interview! With 4 films coming out in the future, Dame Edna theorised as to the secret behind Susan's success: "...while other actresses are busy having reconstruction and've let nature take it's course and you have vacuumed up all the mature parts!" She meant it in a caring way, of course! Heaping further praise (in her own gentle style) she added, "I like your face more now than I did in your earlier films....because I've got used to it!"

Dame Edna also had a fabulous surprise up her (Kenny Everage original) sleeve for little Susan, in the form of Richard O'Brien - creator of the Rocky Horror Show! For old time's sake, Richard got Susan and the whole studio up to do a little 'Time Warp'ing. Apparently Valmai loves doing the 'Time Warp' in her room...which is why Dame Edna has had to have her house underpinned!

The icing on the cake of this delicious show was, of course, the performance by Shirley Bassey! In addition to singing her Bond-styled new single, she also wowed us with a duet of "Big Spender" with Edna!

Dame Edna introduced this show-stopping finale in typically humble fashion telling us: "It's the moment you've all been waiting for. It's the biggest Dame in show business, and she's back...and thank goodness I am! And accompanying me tonight is that other Dame - adorable Shirley Bassey." Quite right, too!

This was a gorgeous night on the tele, Possums! International glamour, in-depth probing, and the sage widsom of an international guru and gigastar. Can't wait for next week, my darlings! See you then!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - Episode 4 Review

Oh, Possums! What a treat we had on Saturday night with episode 4 of The Dame Edna Treatment!

When we heard that giga-star Dame Edna Everage was going to be inviting the Little Britain boys to her exclusive spa treatment centre, we knew it was going to be fun, but this episode turned out to be best so far in this ground-breaking series! From the outset, when Dame Edna greeted her adoring studio audience, looking resplendent in a "Kenny Everage Original", our favourite Australian housewife was on a roll. She declared that spring was in the air, and that her sap was rising and her pheromones were moaning! Marvelous!!!

It was such a great night, and the laughs were fast and furious. Dame Edna's first guests, Matt Lucas and David Walliams of "Little Britain" fame, were up to mischief right from the start, with Matt doing a great impersonation of Valmai at the Treament Centre desk, and David snogging Valmai centre stage (perhaps he didn't have his contacts in?)

During her time of caring and sharing with the boys, Dame Edna professed to never missing an episode of Little Britain...because she is a big fan of Tom Baker! She also loves the catchphrases created by the series, and told them her favourite was "Am I bovered?". Hilarious! David said that fans often shouted "I'm a lady" to him, but Matt admitted he doesn't like it when men dress as women...that he finds it a little yukky! Dame Edna agreed immediately, and said she felt that when men behave like that, it indicated that something had gone wrong in their home life.

Dame Edna has such a knack of getting to the heart of an issue, don't you think? Classic!

Always with her finger on the pulse of current issues, Dame Edna enquired if Matt had been bullied at school, pointing out that he was slightly "unusual" looking (she did it nicely, of course!). She then went on to reveal that as a child Valmai had been bullied, bullied, bullied...that's why Dame Edna sent her to the mornings she didn't have any more energy to bully Valmai any longer! It was brilliant, and the audience collapsed into laughter.

It was such a joy to watch Matt and David during this segment, as they were clearly having as much fun as we were!

Next on the treatment couch was Piers Morgan, and Dame Edna obviously enjoyed making little Piers squirm during his time in her presence. The scene was set beautifully when she asked him to sign a confidentiality contract so that the revelations from their interview wouldn't make into the country's gutter press. She then told him that she had been watching his long career, and that she still wasn't sure who he was and what he does....and having perused some of his publications it seemed to her that he was as much in the dark as she was! Go, Edna, go!!!

But as Edna's way is always to be so nice, she did have some kind words for Piers, the poor little mite. She said that his new book was ideal....for pressing flowers, declaring "Whoever would have thought Piers Morgan's career would lead to beautiful things...".

No question, then, that Piers Morgan got The Dame Edna Treatment!!!

Edna's final guest was pop superstar Deborah Harry, who first met our Australian international phenomenon in her dressing room after one of her life-changing shows in San Francisco. Gorgeous little Debbie chatted about her days as a Playboy bunny and her film roles. Dame Edna probed further, and enquired about any piercing she might have. Valmai, we learned, has her naval pierced...that way if she breaks down it's easier to tow her away. Fabulous!!!

This hysterical evening ended with a duet of Dame Edna and Deborah Harry singing the Blondie hit "One Way or Another". Dame Edna's prowess as a dancer had me laughing out loud - and I mean that nicely, Possums, I do!

It was the most enjoyable night in Spa Edna yet, and next week promises to be amazing too - with guests Dame Shirley Bassey, Susan Sarandon, Ian McShane, and Rod Stewart's gorgeous little girl Kimberly. Don't miss it, you little darlings - Saturday at 10 pm on ITV1.

And don't forget, Possums - if you've been to a taping or want to share your favourite moments of The Dame Edna Treatment, get in touch with Simon or Dale here. Quicksticks, darlings! It's always gorgeous to hear from you!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are you missing Dame Edna, Possums?

Hello, Possums!

You little darlings! With the absence of Dame Edna from our TV screens over the Easter weekend, are you suffering from DEDS (Dame Edna Deprivation Syndrome)?

Well, worry not! I found a gorgeous little clip on YouTube featuring Barry Humphries discussing Dame Edna and Sir Les from the TV program "100 Greatest Stand Ups". It's the perfect antidote to a nasty case of DEDS, and should see you through until the next episode of The Dame Edna Treatment on Saturday night (21:40 ITV1). Enjoy!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - Episode 3 Review

Oh, Possums! What a glamorous ol' week it was in at Spa Edna!

This week, our celebrity healer, swami, and international heroine welcomed some fabulous stars to her treatment centre, and she gave them all a gentle, if not thorough probing.

First in treatment was Alec Baldwin, who joined Dame Edna on set in a bathrobe following his steam room session. This was a wonderful segment, and we really saw Dame Edna on top form.

Revelations were the order of the night! First, we learned that Alec is "OC/DC", that is to say that he suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Dame Edna, simply to clarify, wondered what the difference was between being OC/DC and being anally retentive...and suffice it to say that the conversation went deeper and deeper (now don't twist my words!)

We also learned that Alec played with dolls as a child, and in a funny coincidence, so did Dame Edna's son Kenny! Who would have guessed? And moreover, Alec's doll was named Kenny, and he apparently tended to put various parts of the doll in his mouth...truly, these are disclosures no other show could have achieved...

Next on the couch was Amanda Holden who, although in this correspondent's opinion is not exactly A-list, was great fun.

In going through Amanda's records as she entered Spa Edna, Dame Edna asked her which part of her body she least liked. She replied that it was her feet, and Valmai quickly brought in a foot spa with "Ednox" soak.

At this point we learned that
Dame Edna is blessed with a fortune-telling gift passed down to her from the ancient Hittites in which she "reads shoes"- hilarious! - so while Amanda was soaking her tootsies, Dame Edna proceeded to give her a reading. She then went into a trance (an hysterical sight!) and in a vision saw two words.....Shoe Express....

It was classic Edna!

Other guests included Tim Allen (whose films include The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2, and The Santa Clause 3....oh, dear!), Shane Ritchie (who was fast-tracked by Dame Edna from the waiting room into a sunbed appointment, only to be burned to a crisp by a negligent Valmai), and a Naomi Campbell lookalike who was polishing Edna's brass as part of her community service.

The icing on the cake of this delicious Dame Edna show, was singer Engelbert Humperdinck, who didn't quite seem to know what was going on exactly (memories of Gina Lollobrigida from 'A Night on Mount Edna'...).

As Dame Edna was looking over his new CD of greatest hits, she noted that the cover said "36 Greatest Hits"....then added "...not all of them yours...". I'm sure she meant it nicely!

To cap off the evening, we were treated to a fantastic duet between Dame Edna and 'Eng', singing "Quando, Quando, Quando". It was a fabulous Dame Edna extravaganza, with the audience swaying gladis, the guest stars doing the conga and shaking their maracas, and the backing dancers giving it their all in wisteria hair. She and Eng gave an energetic and vocally charged performance, topping off a fantastic evening!

Simon and I were at the taping of this episode, Possums, and it was a really great night. The audience had such fun, and the things that didn't make it into the final show kept us laughing long after we left the studio. Maybe that will make another posting in the future...?

I see from the TV listings, that due to the Easter weekend, we won't get the next episode until the 14th of April. Whatever will we do without Edna's gigastar glamour on our TV screens until then?

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - Episode 2 Review

Call me old-fashioned, Possums, but I think the idea of a man getting dressed up in women's clothing is a little bit yukky! I'm sorry, but I do...

But I have to admit that the sight of Martin Sheen dressed up as Dame Edna at the start of the second show was hilarious! Little Marty was in for a bit of a rough ride, but he enjoyed every minute of Dame Edna's gentle probing!

In the second episode of her ground-breaking new series for ITV, "The Dame Edna Treatment", Edna fans around the country watched as she cared and shared (as well as offering a spa treatment of lymphatic drainage) to her celebrity guests including Martin Sheen, Fergie (from the Black Eyed Beans, or was that Peas?), Tracey Emin, and Ronnie Corbett.

Marty was brilliant on the sofa, so to speak. I loved the discussion of his name, when Dame Edna suggested that "Martin Sheen" was a good choice for a stage/screen name, as it was easier to say than "Martin Non-Abrasive-Cleaner". Fabulous! As they were chatting later about his work in "Apocalypse Now", she mused that it seemed odd for them to name a film using a word most Americans couldn't pronounce. The audience, of course, roared with laughter!

Dame Edna introduced her next guest, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas as both a pop star and a vegetable (not unlike Ozzy Ozbourne). She was a fantastic guest - bright, talented and game for a laugh. When chatting about reincarnation, she asked Edna if she'd like to come back as a man...Edna replied that "..we all have men inside us from time to time...". Classic Dame Edna - brilliant!!!

The next guest, was the polar opposite to Fergie in that she wasn't bright, talented or game for a laugh. In fact, Tracey Emin's presence on the show seemed to be, as Dame Edna would say, "a little bit unnecessary...a little uncalled for..." Here's hoping the producers don't repeat that kind of mistake in future episodes!

But aside from that, the show was fabulous! The final picture of Ronnie Corbett coming on stage having been rescued from the gates of Spa Edna by Valmai's powertools, was priceless. If you missed this great episode on Saturday night, be sure to catch it tonight at 23:00 on ITV1!

All hail, Dame Edna, the queen of Saturday night TV! Long may her reign continue!

And if you'd like to add your comments about the show to the show's official message board, check it out here. Or drop us a note via our website here . Until next time, Possums, bye-bye! Bye-bye!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - A Truly Gorgeous Opening!

Good news, Possums!

I've just found the wonderful intro clip for The Dame Edna Treatment on YouTube. With a fantastic new song by Robin Gibb, and some gorgeous graphics truly befitting a global entertainment phenomenon like Dame Edna, it's a brilliant opening (now, don't twist my words!). Great lyrics and hilarious images of Dame Edna - enjoy!!!