Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dame Edna & Will Young on The Rob Brydon Show!


At the start of his most recent show, Rob Brydon described Dame Edna as "The greatest woman who ever lived!". No truer words have ever been spoken, and she certainly added some megastar magic to Rob's show on Friday evening!

Offering some caring words of advice to little Rob, she purred "You're starting your career off the way I would recommend...quietly, very quietly. I think people will come around to you!" She meant it in a nice way, possums!

They later discussed the fashions of Lady Gaga, and she told Rob that Lady Gaga makes too much of an effort....then turning to the audience added "...whereas women here in the studio have made no effort whatever!" A fashion icon speaks!

Further into the show, upon meeting singer Will Young, she declared "I've never heard of you." Perhaps Kenny is a fan, though? And ultimately, Edna and Will made beautiful music together by singing a classic duet. His career will be one huge disappointment after such a show-business peak like that!!!

It was a show not to be missed, possums, so catch it now on BBC iPlayer: