Friday, January 23, 2009

Dame Edna UK Tour News!

Rejoice, Possums! Rejoice!

The joyous news of a new Dame Edna UK tour has just been announced!

This wondrous revelation has exploded onto the web and across news outlets everywhere, and tickets are already going fast - of course!

For so long now, no-hopers and non-entities around the country have been desperate to witness the glory of a Dame Edna stage show.

(In fact, the term "show" is hopelessly inadequate. It would be far more accurate to refer to them as cultural histories-in-the-making and, some might even say, sessions of indescribable healing power!).

And now we can all go and witness the glittering greatness that is an International Gigastar. The very idea is almost too exciting for words!

Dame Edna will be joined by Sir Les Patterson in "The Last Night of the Poms", the first UK tour in 28 years! And joining these two luminaries will be Carl Davis CBE, providing a musical extravaganza that will include complete orchestras and choirs. How gorgeous!

This ground-breaking show was first performed in 1981 at the Royal Albert Hall, and Carl Davis tells us:

“This unique collaboration between myself and Barry Humphries was written as a parody on the Proms. Barry and I have waited 28 years to do this concert again, Dame Edna and Sir Les never disappoint.”

Dame Edna is, no doubt, disappointed to be saddled with Sir Les once again, but perhaps her long-term manager Barry Humphries is to blame. Edna doesn't approve of Sir Les, who is well know as Australia's "cultural" attache, and Chairman of the Australian Cheese Board. She feels, quite frankly, that he is just plain yucky, and has had to put up with him for decades now. Poor woman!

The tour, which runs from 11th Sept to 3rd Oct, will visit these lucky cities:
  • September 11 - SECC, Glasgow
  • September 12 - Usher Hall, Edinburgh
  • September 15 - Royal Albert Hall, London
  • September 16 - Evening News Arena, Manchester
  • September 18 - Brighton Centre, Brighton
  • September 22 - NIA, Birmingham
  • September 23 - Sheffield Arena, Sheffield
  • September 25 - International Arena, Cardiff
  • September 26 - International Centre, Bournemouth
  • September 29 - Odyssey Arena, Belfast
  • September 30 - O2, Dublin
  • October 2 - Echo Arena, Liverpool
  • October 3 - Trent FM Arena, Nottingham
Don't you think it's spooky, Possums? Just as the world needs some light and hope in these dire economic times, Dame Edna comes to the rescue (as only the world's most talented and influential woman could) with a new tour for 2009, bringing her hope, wisdom, and gorgeous gladioli to the masses!

It brings a tear to my eye, Possums! Call me old-fashioned, but it does!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dame Edna on AVIVA Television Ads!

Hello Darlings! Hello Possums!

Well the world-wide love affair with gigastar Dame Edna Everage continues!

Her cutting-edge stage show "My First Last Tour" is still touring North America to a rapturous response, healing and uplifting little non-entities around the continent with her zesty zingers and megastar mirth.

And we all know her fun and fabulous MAC cosmetics line has recently been launched globally. In fact, she's just about to make an appearance in Australia to launch it there, adding some much needed glamour to their dull down-under lives. Lucky little things!

But we also have a gorgeous new television ad to enjoy too! It's just what we need to get us through the January blues, isn't it, Possums?

Insurance company AVIVA (who used to be Norwich Union) are using the profiles of a host of stunning stars who have also changed their names in earlier days - Ringo Starr, Bruce Willis, Alice Cooper, Elle Macpherson, and our very own Dame Edna, feature in the ad.

Of course, we all know that Dame Edna didn't change her name herself.... She had the title of "Dame" thrust upon her by her good friend Lillibet, who insisted that she should be known as Dame Edna because of all the good she has done for mankind (after all, even the Dalai Lama said he felt a better person after meeting her...).

So here it is, Possums. From Mrs. Norman Everage to our gorgeous Dame Edna. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dame Edna - Megastar Musings

Hello, Possums!

With the launch of MAC's Dame Edna Collection, journalists have been clamouring to bask in Dame Edna's Gigastar glory, beseeching her to share the beauty tips of an international icon of style and good taste! Here then is a round-up of the fun and fabulous articles we've seen of late:

Dame Edna New Year News!

Gigastar Greetings for a Gorgeous New Year!

Despite all the holiday happenings, you've been missing us, haven't you, Possums?

It's been a busy ole' time here at The Untamed Edna Experience! In addition to entertaining adorable little non-entities throughout the Chrissie season, we've been moving (well, all the Kenny Everage originals needed a bigger closet...). But now we're all settled in at Edna Central, and ready to roll for a glittering gigastar 2009!

And what a year it's turning out to be already, darlings! We can hardly keep up with all the Dame Edna news in the world. She's truly in greater demand than ever, and obviously at the height of her powers, with all her juices flowing!!!

So watch out in the coming days and weeks as we highlight all of the Megastar-Mania!

The first thing we have to mention, of course, is the recently launched MAC Cosmetics Dame Edna line of wisteria-inspired make-up essentials! The web has been awash with blog entries from eternally grateful Possums around the world who can, at last, enjoy a little of the gladioli glamour for themselves.

The unveiling of this eagerly anticipated collection has been aided by an avalanche of exciting publicity!

MAC have a Facebook Page loaded with fabulous pics and interview snippits. Dame Edna tells us about her G-Spot exercises:

“I do my G-spot exercise every morning. I wake–up, I look in the mirror and I say those G-words: ‘Edna, I say, ‘You are gorgeous, you’re gorgeous, you’re GORGEOUS.’ And I go through the day absolutely gorgeous.”

Wise words indeed.

MAC and Dame Edna are also on YouTube, darlings!

Check back again soon for more news of our favourite Housewife/Megastar! It promises to be a deliciously delightful Dame Edna new year, Possums!