Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dame Edna - New BBC Job?

Hello Possums!

Celebrated BBC news journalist and presenter John Humphrys interviewed Dame Edna this morning on the Today programme. It seems, amidst all the talk of the BBC search for a 'more mature female news presenter', that Dame Edna might be considered a leading candidate for the job!

Of course viewers and listeners would flock to the BBC's programmes if Edna became the presenter. She would look gorgeous, and would give the news a fresh sensitivity in a caring and sharing way.

On the other hand, as confidant to all of the world's great leaders, she might find her impartiality called into question.

After all, Michelle Obama is constantly calling her to ask for wardrobe and decorating advice, and little Oby (as only Edna is allowed to call him!) is forever on the phone to discuss the Middle East. Gordon Brown is always begging her to lend the UK a few squillion pounds to help him out of this terrible financial mess, and the Pope often asks for spiritual advice (she humours him, but in truth doesn't like the idea of a man dressing up in a frock all the time!!!).

So it would be a miracle if she had the time to read the news for the BBC, much less be impartial. She also worries that John Humphrys might find her too stimulating to sit next to.

And yet, the rumours persist, and the public cries out for some glamour on the news screens.

Click here to listen again to John's interview with Dame Edna.

She's confident she would be wonderful at the job, and who could argue with her? BBC News may never be the same again...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dame Edna Returns to Broadway in Spring 2010!

You little darlings!

I'm very excited, Possums! Call me old fashioned, but I am.

It's been a week of non-stop glittering gigastar news. The internet has been filled with announcements, headlines and reports about the world's favourite housewife/megastar in these past days! Here's the latest:


Dame Edna is returning to Broadway...
...with a gorgeous new show called "It's All About Me!". She's already a Tony Award and Drama Desk Award winner, and clearly, her gorgeous Possums in NYC are clamouring for more. Lucky little mites! The show will be a strictly limited run, and will be directed by another Tony Award winner, Jerry Zaks. Check out the announcements from Playbill News, Variety, The NY Times, Broadway World, and Dan Cirucci.


Dame Edna continues her Poms tour in the UK...
...following her big opening (don't twist my words!) in London with "The Last Night of the Poms". The critics all adored Edna (and even the disgustingly brilliant Sir Les Patterson), and all agreed they wanted more Edna and less music. Who wouldn't?

The Evening Standard declared Patterson a "magnificent monster.....on filthily fine form, insulting the stony-faced Sheilas in the front row and boorishly berating latecomers."

UK comedy guide Chortle called it a "phenomenal production" and Dame Edna "on glitteringly bitchy form, with banter as slick, and as gloriously condescending, as (she) ever was
". Editor's note: she means it nicely!

The Guardian writes that "...Les and Edna – back on the UK stage for the first time in 10 years – are great. Edna arrives boasting that she has just adopted a 'chocolate-coloured' baby from 'the same village where Madonna shops for her loved ones'." She's always thinking of others!

In the programme, Edna confides that composer/conductor Carl Davis "has not aged since I first met him. He looked like a very old man then and, bless him, has hardly changed since. It would be false modesty to say that he composed all the music, some of the best bits I hummed to him in his sleep under circumstances I would prefer not to share with the reader". Well, she's a woman at the height of her powers, with all her drives and juices, isn't she?!?

There are still three dates in the tour - Birmingham, Bournemouth, and Liverpool - and you can read what Barry Humphries has to say about this upcoming appearance in the Liverpool Daily Post.


Dame Edna to appear on The Paul O'Grady Show...
...on Monday! It's a new series, and Dame Edna is on the first show. Make a date with Paul and Edna at 17:00 on Channel 4. How gorgeous!


London to New York, stage to screen....
in these times of global distress, Dame Edna is doing her bit to make the world a better place...caring and sharing in glittering gigastar global fashion. What would we do without her?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dame Edna on BBC's Front Row

You little darlings!

The excitement is building, isn't it, Possums?!!

Tomorrow night, the world's greatest Dame will be on stage at The Royal Albert Hall for The Last Night of the Poms!!! The entertainment world is a-flutter with anticipation, and non-entities all over the country have been counting down the hours and minutes until their favourite housewife, healer, swami, and gigastar will be on stage again to brighten their dull, meaningless lives!

In fact, when interviewed by the BBC's Mark Lawson for Front Row (listen again here!), Dame Edna insisted she could never leave the public eye because of the great need of her public! Mark suggested that she might retire again and again like Barbra Streisand or Frank Sinatra, but Edna replied:

"I won't retire, because the public want me! There is a big need for me! There's been a poll, and apparently I'm not just a star...I'm not just a lovely person...I'm not just the most famous Australian on the planet...I'm a Vitamin. I'm Vitamin E. When I'm not around, people suffer from EDS... Edna Deprivation Syndrome. And I'm setting that right..."

We've even heard a rumour that Gordon Brown has sent a note of thanks to Dame Edna, for helping the country in a way that he just can't. Bless him.

So break out the gladdies and the sequins, Possums, and get ready for the night of your life! The Last Night of the Poms will be in London, Brighton, Birmingham, Bournemouth, & Liverpool, and you can get your tickets here!

And check back soon, because Dame Edna's adoring fans from The Untamed Edna Experience will be there on the first night at the Albert Hall, and we'll have a full report for you in the days ahead!