Friday, November 13, 2009

Dame Edna and Michael Feinstein Feud?

Oh Possums!

It's been a spooky ol' time in the world of Broadway publicity this week...

Some time ago, we revealed that Dame Edna would be returning to the Big Apple in the spring of 2010 with a gorgeous new show called "It's All About Me".

But very recently, showbiz media sources began reporting that celebrated crooner Michael Feinstein would also be opening a show at the same time titled "All About Me", and a fabulous feud between our glittering gigastar and the polished pianist began!

Obviously, the problems that could be caused by such similar titles were evident to all, and the publicists geared into overdrive. Duelling dispatches and snappy statements started swirling about, and we've got the best bits for you here:

Michael Feinstein - 5th November
“While I was very surprised to learn of the similarity of titles, I’ve always been a fan of Dame Edna, and I wish her all the best.”

Dame Edna
- 9th November"
" 'It’s All About Me' is my title. While I was saddened to hear that Mr. Feinstein did not heed my sage advice to change the title of his show, I’m overjoyed to hear that he at least took my suggestion to open his show after mine. I’m sure Mrs. Feinstein is very proud of her son.”

Michael Feinstein
- 10th November

“Titles are not copyrightable. I wish Ms. Edna well. I’ve heard of her.”

Dame Edna
- 10th November
"....wishes to respond to Michael Feinstein’s comment to the press from earlier today:
'Someone purchased a CD of Mr. Feinstein’s at a flea market in Australia and re-gifted it to me recently. I’m impressed at how often he sings on key.' ”

But wait, Possums! Was it all a phoney feud after all? The New York Times reported yesterday that Dame Edna and Feinstein would, in fact, be joining forces in a show called "All About Me", and the stars had this to say:

Michael Feinstein - 12th November
“I have always been a huge fan of the Dame, and despite our previous friction, now that my mother has forgiven her, I couldn’t be more excited to be joining her on Broadway.”

Dame Edna
- 12th November
“Michael Feinstein is a performer of the highest caliber, I believe, and I couldn’t be more than excited to be sharing a Broadway stage with him, in moderation.”

Perhaps the clue was in the original announcements all along? When both shows were first unveiled, the releases stated that each show would be in a "...Shubert Theatre to be announced...". Do I hear a penny dropping?

In any event, everyone involved has had a lot of fun with this, and it certainly gears up the anticipation for the show. No doubt it will be showbiz history in the making! And who knows, perhaps this will be the beginning of a string of gorgeous new collaborations for Dame Edna. Our wisteria wonder might next join forces with Oprah Winfrey for a new production of
"The Color Purple"...