Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Touch of Dame Edna in "I'd Do Anything!"

Hello Possums!

Well, we've all just watched the first live show of BBC One's "I'd Do Anything!" competition, and wasn't it gorgeous to see our Barry Humphries at the centre of things at last?!

He was given a truly glittering introduction, with a touch of Gigastar glamour in the form of our favourite Australian housewife and international phenomenon, Dame Edna Everage, at the beginning of his intro!

But did we also detect a little touch of Dame Edna in Barry's comments to the Nancy hopefuls? Was he channeling Australia's first lady of comedy during the broadcast? You be the judge:

After the first two girls, Jessie and Jodie, sang their songs, Barry's first comment was:

I would hate to be Fagin on stage with either of you one would look at me!

....was that Edna's tendency to think about others shining through? He went on, commenting to Jessie: had vulnerability and a touch of the gutter snipe...and I mean that in the nicest possible way!

Following Niamh's performance, he noted:

There's something a little bit spooky about you...I can see you in a musical version of The Adams Family!

Perhaps it was Barry's choice of the trademark Edna colours in his wardrobe for the evening - pink and purple - that brought out his inner Housewife/Gigastar.
Definitely a touch of Australian caring and sharing there, Possums! And we wouldn't have it any other way!

Here's a slightly edited version of the first two girls with some of Barry's reactions at the end. Enjoy, Possums, and see you next week...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The World Needs More Dame Edna!

Hello, Possums!

You poor little darlings! You've been waiting for weeks now to see the wonderful Barry Humphries appear on the BBC One show "I'd Do Anything!", and up until now, we've only had a tantalising glimpse of our Barry. (Quite frankly, we suspect he had far more important things to do than sit through the auditions of thousands of non-entities....and I mean that nicely! I do!)

Thankfully this past Saturday he joined the show at last, and we even had a brief mention of our favourite housewife/gigastar as he was introduced! We'll look forward to much more of Dame Edna's 'manager' in the weeks to come...

And in the meantime, we all need a little more Dame Edna in our lives, so here's a fabulous look at Dame Edna's 2005 appearance at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. Enjoy, Possums! Enjoy!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Barry Humprhies - I'd Do Anything!

You little Darlings!

With only a day until the first episode of "I'd Do Anything" on BBC One tomorrow night, you must be counting the minutes until the fabulous Barry Humphries graces our TV screens once again! As we reported in an earlier post, Dame Edna's estranged 'manager' Barry is to be one of the judges of this Saturday night show, in search of new talent to star in the musical "Oliver" in the West End.

In addition to being a show business veteran, Barry comes to the panel with an expert eye, as he was a member of the original London cast of "Oliver". Isn't that spooky, Possums?

BBC Entertainment - Doing Anything for West End Fame

We hear that Dame Edna was originally begged to take the role of Nancy for this new production, but she insisted that her Gigastar calendar was far too busy, and that besides, she's obviously too young for the part!!!

We suspect that she lobbied to get Barry the job of judge on the show, saying, "...he needs the work...". I'm sure she meant it in a very kind, compassionate kind of way...

While we await Barry's return to Saturday night television, here's a gorgeous clip from another show that also celebrated complete non-entities:

Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch

Enjoy, Possums!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dame Edna Back in the Saddle

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Following the exciting news that Barry Humphries will be a judge on the upcoming BBC One "I'd Do Anything" , various listings on the web indicate that plans are well underway for Housewife/Megastar Dame Edna to hit the road again on tour in the USA!

Earlier this year, the tour had to be postponed, but various US venues are now proudly announcing that their dull little schedules will be brightened up by a visit from Australia's gorgeous international phenomenon in 2009. The new show will be called "Dame Edna Live: My First Last Tour". Non-entities all over the States will be rejoicing in the hope that their rather colourless lives will be blessed with a touch of Gigastar glamour! Such lucky little darlings!

And what of Dame Edna's loyal Possums in the UK?

Well, desperados all over the country continue to get in touch with The Untamed Edna Experience, begging our Dame Edna impersonator Simon to come and recreate a little of the Megastar magic at their parties and celebrations.

And not too long ago, we promised pictures from the fabulous showcase night recently hosted by our good friends at Music Mosaic.

Simon's "Dame Edna" spent the evening caring and sharing with an adoring crowd of movers and shakers, and we're thrilled to bring you a few pics from a glittering evening of fun:

Dame Edna impersonator Simon Whitehouse sparkles in a gorgeous Kenny Everage original.

This little mite looks lovely....must be the lighting!

...and I mean that nicely! I do! I do!

Could that be David Bowie?
Call me old fashioned, Possums, but I think a man wearing make-up is a little bit yucky!
A little bit uncalled-for!