Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dame Edna Show News!

Gladioli greetings, you little darlings!

The excitement grows this week, with more news about the upcoming Dame Edna / Michael Feinstein Broadway show "All About Me"!

First, the show announced a publicity contest to find an honorary understudy for Dame Edna. Rather confusingly, it appeared that the understudy wannabes were mostly men! Now call me old-fashioned, possums, but I find the idea of men dressing up as women a little bit yucky...a little bit uncalled for. I'm sorry, but I do!

Despite this, guest media judges and even Edna's manager, Barry Humphries, gathered in New York to score the contestants on their make-up, costume, accent, and general Dame-like demeanor. Check out the results and video on the NY1 newschannel website.

(A gorgeous reader alerted us to the fun in advance (thanks, Diana!), and what a shame this glittering gathering didn't take place in London, darlings! As non-entities across the UK can attest, our very own Simon would have fit in brilliantly with this merry megastar line-up!)

Later in the week, it was revealed on that two different Playbill covers would be created for the show (one featuring Edna and the other with Michael), and both will be available to the audience each night.

We know that everyone will be clamouring for the cover with an image of the world's most famous and influential woman! Such a shame - one suspects that Michael's programs might be a little neglected. But I mean that nicely, possums! I really do!

Finally, we have discovered the official website for the show! Quicksticks - click here!!! You'll find all the news, images, and even the latest blog entries from the stars. Dame Edna revealed in her first entry:

"Rehearsals going wonderfully well! I don’t attend them but I’ve been phoning in and they tell me things are going beautifully."

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dame Edna's "All About Me" Press Launch

Oh Possums!

The news this week is so exciting!

On February 1st, Dame Edna and Michael Feinstein launched their new show "All About Me" to the press and the world.

Following the original "dispute" about their rival shows and titles, they've now come together to create a show that will undoubtedly mark a watershed in showbiz history, and arguably, be the highlight of most people's lives.

Michael Feinstein & Dame Edna -

The evening will be a glittering mix of music and mirth (and fabulous frocks!), fuelled by a bit of good-willed competitive spirit. reports that Dame Edna revealed:

'....there have been a few little rough patches in their double-harnessed Journey to Broadway. “Catfight, I think, is trivializing it,” opted the dame, who suggested that lionfight would be closer to the mark.'

But she generously added that she :

'...saw no reason why she wouldn’t make beautiful music with Feinstein. “He is an exponent of The Great American Songbook, and I am the exponent of The Great Australian Songbook,” she reasoned. “The Great Australian Songbook is wonderful. It differs from The Great American Songbook in one respect: It’s thinner. In fact, it’s almost a pamphlet. There are lovely, lovely songs in it — ‘Waltzing Matilda,’ ‘The Dingo Ate My Baby,’ beautiful songs.” '

Dame Edna also observes that Michael is :

'...a shy person. But he won't have to stand back....too far....he can just stand in the shadows. That will be enough.'

Ok, so they perhaps haven't quite ironed out their rivalry, as you'll see in this clip from

For all the exciting Dame Edna details, simply click on the links, you little minx!!!