Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dame Edna Gives!

You little darlings!

It's been a busy time here at "The Untamed Edna Experience" newsdesk, as Dame Edna has been a busy ole Gigastar lately, and we've lots of news to report to you!

She's been Stateside this past month, making a number of gorgeous appearances for charity and bringing her gladioli glamour to her American possums.

It's no surprise to see Dame Edna giving of herself in this way. The lives of her fans are transformed simply by her housewife/gigastar presence, and she is after all, a guru, a healer, and international confident to everyone from Nelson Mandela to the Dalai Lama.

Most recently, she hosted Macy's Passport event in San Francisco, a gala evening which raises money for HIV/AIDS programs across the country. She made headlines with the remarks she made to SF mayor Gavin Newsom (...well a mayor's hands should never smell of fish! How yucky! How uncalled-for!). Check out the details (with some fabulous pictures) at the S.F Fashion Examiner. I wonder if her son Kenny designed the frock....?

The good people of Los Angeles also had a chance to swoon in the presence of our Australian heroine, as Dame Edna hosted the reopening of the Mark Taper Forum theatre on Saturday, 13th September.

Resplendent in fuschia sequins and feathers, Dame Edna welcomed showbiz luminaries such as Angela Bassett, Laurence Fishburne, William H Macy, Felicity Huffman, and Kirk Douglas (you'll find a picture here!)
, and kept the glittering audience in stitches throughout the evening!

We wonder what she really thought about the theatre though... In a television interview, she remarked that the new seats were "a squashed caterpillar green" and noting the new carpet, said "...they must have got that at a special price...".

I'm sure she meant it nicely...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dame Edna on Jay Leno

Hello Possums!

You gorgeous little mites! You've been hungry for news of our favourite Australian Gigastar haven't you, and I've been away.
The lives of non-entities like you the world over have been rather dull without my regular reports of Gigastar goings-on - I'm so sorry, my darlings!

But rejoice, because I'm back in the office of "The Untamed Edna Experience", beavering away and collecting news of Dame Edna from the four corners of the globe. Isn't that exciting?

Coming soon will be news of her upcoming tour and some fabulous recent public appearances, as well as some glittering details from the world of glamour and fashion! How gorgeous!!!

But first, a little clip from Dame Edna's recent appearance on the Jay Leno show in Los Angeles. She shared the couch with Hugh Laurie, and was in fabulously hysterical form. Here she is, talking of gynecology, Sarah Palin, and celebrity rehab. Enjoy, Possums! Enjoy!