Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dame Edna Auctions Norm's Prostate!

Hello, Possums!

Dame Edna, as we know, is alway giving. In fact, she tells us that her gynaecologist looked up the other day and said, "Dame Edna, when are you going to stop giving?".

So it comes as no surprise to learn that our beloved Gigastar/Housewife selflessly donated her husband Norm's prostate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) to auction at a fund-raising dinner last week. As Chairwoman of the Friends of the Prostate and the new Prostate Olympics, Dame Edna is always giving a helping hand, and we imagine she was thrilled to share a little piece of Norm for this very good cause.

The auction was a huge success, and it sold for $7000 !!!

And now the legacy of Norm's prostate continues. The winner of this treasured item has now listed it on ebay in Australia, and all proceeds from this new auction will also go to the PCFA. The listing reads "Enclosed in a glass dome and polished mahogany base, this is indeed a remarkable memento... that is now being offered to the world. It is accompanied by a signed letter from the Dame herself and a DVD of her video message." Check it out here.

Dame Edna explains in the video:

"When I learnt my husband had a prostate I tried to find out where it was - where is this Cinderella organ - but no-one would tell me."

"My husband soon after our marriage developed a prostate murmur which turned into a rumbling so loud it woke the neighbours. They asked me if I could keep the noise down - I said there is a knob but I'm not touching that."

"And here it is now here in this jar. I've treasured it, talked to it and it is in better condition that ever before."

Although the item description lists the condition of the prostate as "Used", no doubt Dame Edna fans around the world will be clamouring to get their hands on this unique momento from
her beloved Norm.

So bid, Possums! Bid! You won't get another chance like this again!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dame Edna's Dulcet Tones

You little darlings!

Have you been missing our updates, Possums? Simon has been a busy ole gigastar impersonator this summer, and he's been keeping me on the hop (well, let's face it - you can't rely on Madge to do anything, can you?). So we'll be back as soon as the helicopter touches down, with more gorgeous news of his Antipodean Caring and Sharing around the country!

In the meantime, here's a little clip I had never seen before. It features Dame Edna and Dame Kiri (whom Dame Edna taught to sing in her kitchen when Kiri was just a little bubba and pestering Edna day and night for help!) singing a fabulous floral duet (well, you have to struggle through Dame K doing a solo first, but perhaps you'll just want to pop off for a Horlicks until that's over...).

Lately we've enjoyed some history-making duets on The Dame Edna Treament, with some fabulous musical divas - k.d. lang and Dame Shirley among others. This video looks like it might be from a Parkinson TV show, possibly late 90s. If you know any more details, why not get in touch!

Until next time, Possums, enjoy!