Friday, May 18, 2007

Dame Edna is "Back With a Vengeance" in Sydney!

You little darlings!

This week we bring you news of the triumphant return of our favourite giga-star to her antipodean roots as she returns to her Australian tour and opens her latest show "Back With a Vengeance" at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

We could sense your anticipation and desperation for this news as the show opened this week on Thursday, 17th May, and so we've compiled a collection of web coverage for you to probe to your hearts content! Quicksticks, Possums! Click on the links, you little minx:

Sydney Morning Herald (video clips!)

Sydney Morning Herald - more caring and sharing!

The Daily Telegraph - with photo slide show!

And "what news of our own Dame Edna impersonator Simon?", I hear you cry. Well, darlings, he's been a busy ole giga-star impersonator, and has been bringing Dame Edna's unparalleled wit and wisdom to grateful non-entities around the country. We'll post some gorgeous photos soon, but in the meantime, why not check out our quotes page to read how we've been helping out these countless desperados - transforming their otherwise dull gatherings into glittering events of glamour and hilarity, Dame Edna-style!

Til next time, Possums!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Rumours of Dame Edna and k d lang...

Hello, Possums! Hello, darlings!

You gorgeous little mites! You've been desperate for more news of our favourite giga-star, haven't you? It must be difficult these days, being a dull, boring non-entity in a country once blessed, for 6 glorious weeks at least, by the return of Dame Edna to our television screens. My hope, strength, and understanding go out to you, Possums!

But you needn't worry, because we here at The Untamed Edna Experience are always on the look out for news of the woman who is probably the only wisteria-locked personal adviser to little Benny, the current Pope.

In fact, we've heard that Benedict was desperate for Dame Edna and Valmai to join him on his current tour of South America. You see, Benny has been trying urgently to convince his little flock in Brazil to honour the teachings of abstinence....and Dame Edna is happy to point out that Valmai is surely a prime example of the disastrous results that come from having "relations" fact, Valmai's the ultimate poster child for abstinence! But I'm sure she means it in a caring way.

But I digress, as the main news I want to bring you is from a news article we found featuring Dame Edna, who has returned triumphantly to Australia from the United Kingdom to resume her "Back with a Vengeance" tour in Sydney. The article refers, of course, to her hugely successful new TV show, The Dame Edna Treatment, and speaks of her various vocal duets with the likes of Shirley Bassey and Fergie.

But wait, Possums! Included in the list of singers is also k d lang!!! Could this mean that the 7th, and yet to air show (a 50th Anniversary retrospective), will feature singing diva k d lang? Exciting news to be sure! We'll keep our ears to the ground, and let you know if we hear anything further...

You'll find this gorgeous little article here, my darlings: The Sydney Morning Herald . Enjoy! And until next time, Possums, we'll leave you with this hilarious quote from the article:

"I still pinch myself, darling, to think it was a little over 50 years since I stepped onto the boards in Melbourne, a painfully shy woman," she says, adding that it is now the audience who are shy. "And I'm still so humble, though I don't think humility is one of the great virtues. Like chastity, it's one of the ... well, it's not even a virtue any more. It's almost a drawback."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment - Episode 6 Review

Oh, Possums!

I'm a weepy ol' mega-star me old fashioned, my darlings, but I am! I am!

It's hard to believe that we've already reached the final episode of what has undoubtedly been a landmark event in television history - the glorious return of Dame Edna to our tv screens in "The Dame Edna Treatment". It's spooky how the time flies!

Now, before some of you dedicated members of the Possum Posse cry out "But wait! There was a 7th episode filmed, wasn't there?", let me reassure your gorgeous little hearts. Yes! There was, indeed, a 7th episode filmed, but it was a special episode to celebrate Dame Edna's 50 years in entertainment. (Click here to discover more of the glamorous ways the world has been celebrating this fabulous anniversary!) My little Edna-spies tell me that this may be aired in June, so keep your eyes on the listings.

But back to the matter at hand....Episode 6 from Spa Edna:

This show was a joy from start to finish! But it almost started in disaster, Possums! As Edna made her gorgeous entrance (ahem!) in a resplendent blue feathered dress, she was horrified to discover that Spa Edna had been ransacked. She cried out "I turn my back for 5 minutes...I pop over to Switzerland to visit my money and this happens...."

Who could have been responsible? Well it turns out it was Valmai (of course!). In an hilarious nod to current events, the story was that Valmai posted a notice on MySpace for a party at the spa, and a whole host of non-entities and hoodies came to party and wrecked the place. Poor Dame Edna discovered Valmai in a drunken stupor with a bottle of date-rape drugged alcohol (she should be so lucky!).

So Dame Edna immediately called the police and reported that her inner sanctum had been violated! Hilarious!

At last, when Valmai got things tidied up, Edna was able to invite her first superstar guest to the treatment couch - Alan Alda!

This was a brilliant interview, not least because Alan Alda was having so much fun!!! Dame Edna introduced him, in typically irreverent fashion by saying, "..he's the star of MASH and other shows that, actually, I can't remember..." , and the scene was set for a lot of laughs.

Among other things, Edna's probing uncovered the fact that Alan had some emergency bowel surgery recently. She told him about her many prostate charities, in memory of her husband Norm (whom she said was the very image of Alan Alda, "except for the looks...and the wit...and the talent."). The best line came when Edna said that in fact, she started the whole "prostate movement", and then asked Alan if he thought of starting a "bowel movement" which he collapsed in laughter. Classic Edna!

The caring and sharing continued apace, and Edna told him (in a nice way, of course!) she was never a fan of MASH, although she saw it's merits... I'm sure he appreciated her honesty. Well after all, she's a busy ol' gigastar, and she doesn't have the time to watch every little show on TV, does she?

Musical entertainment for Episode 6 was provided by gorgeous little Sophie Ellis-Bexter, whom Edna declared she had been a fan of ever since she heard "Murder on the Dance Floor"...which meant she had been a fan for about 20 minutes....
Brilliant introduction!

After performing her new single, little Sophie explained that she had co-written the song. Dame Edna, never one to let the details go astray, asked "Did you write the good bits or the bad bits?"

Sophie looked gorgeous. Dame Edna noted that she's had 2 years off to have a baby, and then asked "have you had it yet???"

This gorgeous interchange was then rudely interrupted by cricketer Shane Warne, who entered the spa, beer in hand, looking for the MySpace party Valmai hosted earlier... But as he is a fellow Australian, Dame Edna quickly forgave him and he joined them on the couch.

This was a brilliant interview, as Dame Edna didn't miss a single opportunity to roast her fellow countryman over the Australian coals! She noted, for example, that " lots of sports stars let themselves go when they retire, but not you! - because you were never in great shape to begin with! "

In another exclusive revelation, we learned that someone is writing a musical about Shane's life. Edna mused the casting might be difficult: "...I mean, Pavarotti has the build, but he doesn't have the hair..." Poor little Shane didn't quite know what to say, but the audience loved every minute of it!

Another interruption came, when the police arrived to investigate Dame Edna's earlier complaint about the party. Edna, ever the caring and protective parent declared " You'll never get to know my daughter's whereabouts from me..." ...while pointing them in the right direction. Well, after all, she noted that Valmai has " been looking forward to a women's prison for years ". It was hysterical!

The final patient in treatment at Spa Edna was bumbling Boris Johnson. Sadly, even Dame Edna and her spa centre couldn't do much to help the likes of Boris Johnson. As he was rattling on about some bizarre political opinion, the camera followed the faces of his fellow guests, and their looks of confusion and utter bewilderment were absolutely fantastic - so, so funny!

Edna' opinion of Boris was made clear when she brought out his book and told the audience "..this is can leave your name at a bookstore... and a couple of weeks later they'll get you a copy..." Wondrous!

The crowning glory to this brilliant show was a duet featuring Dame Edna, Sophie, and the cast of Fame performing "Fame - I Want To Live Forever!"

As Dame Edna is clearly the world's most famous and popular housewife and international phenomenon, "Fame" was the perfect ending to this seminal series. It's been absolutely wonderful having Dame Edna back with us again, and there have been so many moments of absolute brilliance!!! Here's hoping the series will be out on DVD very soon - we'll let you know as soon as we see it.

And don't forget, Possums, we still have the 50th Anniversary show to look forward to. Check back often, and we'll post the details as soon as we have them.

We'll also soon have more postings with Simon's Dame Edna news. He's been a very busy ol' gigastar impersonator lately, and we have lots to tell you about!

Bye, bye for now, my darlings! Bye, bye!