Friday, June 26, 2009

Dame Edna at the Hollywood Bowl!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Our favourite Australian Gigastar has been busy brightening the lives of those lucky little mites in the City of Angels, Los Angeles recently. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger no doubt begged her to come to his gorgeous state to spread her own sunshine and offer some economic advice... and as she says herself, her latest show "My First Last Tour" is something of a stimulus package in itself!

Not only has she been caring and sharing and empowering audiences at the fabulous Ahmanson Theatre, she also added the Glam factor to the Hollywood Bowl's opening night on June 19th, introducing Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Josh Groban!

In fact, acclaimed fashion designer Nick Verreos said "One of the highlights of the entire night was when Dame Edna came out on stage in a red sequined gown and almost brought the house down with her hysterical sassy humor." And Variety noted that "it was Dame Edna who brought the house down.'Kiri Te Kanawa,' she said, was Maori for 'gorgeous woman in sparkling dress.' "

Check out this clip of Edna with Dame Kiri and little Josh:

And of course the web is awash with praise for Edna's show "My First Last Tour", Possums! Check out these articles and blog reviews:

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dame Edna on Craig Ferguson - Video!

Hello again, Possums!

Did you catch our gorgeous Australian gigastar on the Craig Ferguson show last night? It was gripping television viewing (of course!), and Dame Edna was wearing the most fabulous new frock....("Paris Hilton wears other people's clothes - I wear myself!").

She chatted, among other things, about the possibility of becoming Queen and America's First Lady, and of her husband's prostate transplant surgery. What other talk show guest can provide that kind of scintillating discussion in one night?

Craig introduced Edna as a "legendary performer who is frankly too good for this show!". Dame Edna couldn't have said it better herself (well, actually, she probably has said it on a number of occasions herself...).

Just in cased you missed the megastar mirth, here are a few clips of the fun:

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dame Edna on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson"!

You little darlings!

Dame Edna is really making a splash these days with US late night talk show hosts. Last week she graced the gorgeous Jay Leno with an appearance during his last week of shows (lucky little mite!!!), and tonight, Edna will be adding a delicious dash of gladioli glamour to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson!

She's a busy ole Gigastar these days, as she also opens tonight at LA's Ahmanson Theatre with her latest theatrical experience "My First Last Tour". No doubt she'll be jumping into her Edna-Air helicopter after the show to swoop over to little Craig's studio. It's a wonder she fits it all in between the desperate calls from Michelle Obama at the White House for fashion advice (well, she managed to get Barbara Bush out of polyester, just think what she can do for Michelle....).

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - check it out, Possums!!!