Monday, June 16, 2008

Dame Edna and a bridesmaid...

You little darlings!

Isn't it spooky how the seasons speed by, Possums? It's hard to believe that the summer is upon us once again.

And as always, with the arrival of summer, comes the busiest season for weddings!

How gorgeous!

When planning for their big day, every bride-to-be hopes to achieve the kind of megastar magic and excitement that Dame Edna has known in her life.

But everyone doesn't have a New Zealand bridesmaid to help them with their preparations, and they worry that their wedding won't have that gigastar glamour they've been dreaming of.

After all, so many brides look at their guest list and think, who are all these non-entities? Others fear that the sheer boredom of the event will make their guests want to take back the gifts! And who could blame them, Possums?

So it comes as no surprise that couples all over the country beg Dame Edna (or rather, a reknowned gigastar impersonator) to attend their weddings, to care and share with their guests, and impart a few magic pearls of Australian wisdom as they set out in life together.

Luckily for them, our very own Dame Edna impersonator Simon Whitehouse is only too happy to come to the rescue! Every year he is invited to weddings up and down the country, adding a dash of gladioli glitz and glamour everywhere he goes.

And so, dear reader, if you're planning a wedding, or hoping to be invited to a celebration blessed with the presence of Edna, you might like a little look at some of these gorgeous photos. Simon's Dame Edna Everage has shared some hilarious moments with her grateful Possums at weddings all over the UK:

Monday, June 02, 2008

Dame Edna as Nancy?

You little Darlings!

Well, Possums, the search is over. We have our new Nancy.

The winner of BBC's "I'd Do Anything!" is that gorgeous little minx from Blackpool, Jodie! Regular readers of our "I'd Do Anything" blog entries might have guessed we were crossing our fingers (and gladis!) for her, and we're thrilled that she was victorious!

But wait, Possums....could this be the wrong result? Dame Edna recently revealed a startling secret during her triumphant appearance on The Graham Norton Show last week...

We'll let Edna explain in her own words:

"They've got the wrong idea about Nancy.

I believe in the past life thing. I've had had many past lives. I've been many famous, wonderful people..... I was once married to Charles Dickens!

So I know what he wanted Nancy to be like... He modeled her on me.

Nancy, in his mind, was a mature Australian woman. Graham, I could have been Nancy!"

So now we know the truth about Nancy. But never mind. Even though Cameron Mackintosh has decided not go with an Australian Gigastar in the role, we'll be thrilled to have Jodie taking centre stage. Congratulations, Possum!

And speaking of Dame Edna's visit with Graham on his gorgeous little show this week, wasn't it fantastic? In addition to spots with Ray Mears and Alanis Morissette, Dame Edna's glittering brand of caring and sharing made for a truly hilarious night.

One of our favourite lines came when Edna was discussing "I'd Do Anything!", and Barry Humphries' fellow judge, John Barrowman. Edna told us:

"I bumped into John Barrowman the other day. I said a few lovely things to him; paid him a few compliments.

But you know, there isn't any compliment you can pay to John... that he hasn't paid himself."

Classic Edna. Brilliant!

Here's a quick look at another fabulous segment of the show, courtesy of our friends at the BBC, in which Edna discusses Australia and her beloved Norm. Til next time, Possums, enjoy!