Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dame Edna on The Graham Norton Show!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Isn't is exciting? International Phenomenon and Gigastar Dame Edna Everage will be featured on "The Graham Norton Show" tomorrow night (BBC Two, 9:45 pm)! Mark your schedules and don't miss it!

It seems likely that Dame Edna took pity on poor Graham, as he has had to work with Edna's 'manager' Barry Humprhies on "I'd Do Anything" these past weeks. Everyone knows that Edna doesn't think much of little Barry, and so probably agreed with a glad heart to save Graham's show this week in a typical act of selfless giving.

But wait! There's another exciting TV moment this week... Gorgeous Julie Walters is starring in Filth (the story of Mary Whitehouse) tonight on BBC Two. We mention this not only because we adore Julie, but of course because Dame Edna interviewed Mary Whitehouse on her history-making series The Dame Edna Experience.

Mary looked slightly bewildered throughout her time with Edna, poor little mite. Anyone could tell, looking at Mary's sensible wardrobe (well, at least they were washable fabrics!), that she had never come across anyone so glamorous as Gigastar Edna before. Sadly, Mary's life was probably all down hill after meeting Edna. It happens to so many...

It's a week of fabulous TV highlights, Possums! Rejoice!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dame Edna with a Hint of Chrome?

You little darlings!

We all know that Dame Edna Everage is giver. She's a humanitarian. She's a healer. After all, theatre ushers the world over have found countless sticks and zimmer frames left behind after her legendary shows. She has a gift, it has to be said.

And so it is no surprise that the little non-entities in Cambridge were thrilled by the recent appearance of Edna at an open day at one of their hospitals!

Dame Edna graced the proceedings as the good people of Cambridge joined her in a look behind the scenes at the workings of the city's hospital facilities. There might have even been a little probing...

No doubt there were a few laughs along the way. As Edna always says, she stays healthy thanks to a large dose of Vitamin L - laughter. Yes, she's always been able to laugh at the misfortune of others, and it keeps her going every day!

So it's no great surprise that it was with a joyous heart that she bestowed a little of the Gigastar glamour on the folks of Cambridge. How thrilled those little institutionalised non-entities must have been to be blessed by a visit from Edna! The very memory of her caring and sharing will unquestionably have a miraculous healing effect in the days and months to come!!

We wonder if this hospital visit brought back any painful memories of her dearly departed Norm? Norm was, of course, the world's first internationally known prostate sufferer...and always had a hint of chrome about him. In tribute to his memory, Dame Edna is now Chairwoman of the Friends of the Prostate, and is always happy to give them a further their cause of course (don't twist my words!).

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dame Edna interviews Boris Johnson!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

With news this week of the election of Boris Johnson as London Mayor, we thought it would be gorgeous to have a look at the interview Dame Edna did with little Boris on last year's "The Dame Edna Treatment".

Few people know that the Conservatives begged Dame Edna to be their London mayoral candidate, but she refused, saying "...ask Boris, he needs a proper job!"

We also hear that they beseeched her to offer Boris some political advice (no great surprise, as we all know that leaders around the world from Hilary Clinton to Nicolas Sarkozy phone Edna daily after a tragic gaffe or floundering error in the public eye...). Sadly for Boris, Dame Edna was (of course!) too busy, but she offered her dysfunctional daughter Valmai as his personal hairdresser instead. Her kindness and philanthropy knows no bounds. And it may just have been the advantage Boris needed to win!

Here then is a little clip of the highlights of Dame Edna's interview with Boris, or "little BJ", as she likes to call him. In it she tells viewers: "There's something endearing about this bumbling fellow...". What greater endorsement can there be?

They discuss Boris' description of Portsmouth as "..arguably too full of drugs, obesity, and under-achievement.." and his solution to overcrowding in the SE of England (a new tunnel to empty areas of France). Thanks to Edna's probing, we can easily see how the people of London would chose such a diplomatic and visionary man!

Well done, London!