Friday, November 05, 2010

Dame Edna and a Nude Sean Connery!

Hello Possums!

The BBC have just reported on the discovery of a nude painting of the gorgeous Sean Connery, created in 1951 when he was life model for Edinburgh art students. This was of course long before the days of 007 and his huge success as an esteemed actor, and comes as quite a surprise to many of his fans!

But Dame Edna's army of loyal fans around the globe have known about his modelling days for decades! The gorgeous little Sean was, of course, a guest on her pivotal and ground-breaking talk show "The Dame Edna Experience", and Edna probed deeply during her interview with the world's favourite super-spy, getting to the naked truth in no time!!! She really did have her finger on the pulse...

She's truly a woman of glittering global influence and power! Who else could get Sir Sean to admit to his naked past with such good taste and style?