Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dame Edna at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Oh, Possums!

What a joyous time it is for non-entities and gigastar fans everywhere in Scotland!

It has just been announced that Dame Edna will be appearing at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival next spring - her first appearance in Scotland in over a decade!

Dame Edna said of the appearance: "My Dear Glaswegian Possums! Can you believe it's been umpteen years since you flocked to the theatre to worship at my shrine? So wait no more my little McPossums!

I'm coming back for one night only to spread my message of caring and sharing at that spooky yet strangely intimate Clyde Auditorium. Don't miss this seminal and pivotal life-enhancing experience."

For the full story on BBC News, click here!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dame Edna at Fashion Rocks 2007

You little Darlings!

What a glittering week it has been for our beloved gigastar and international phenomenon, Dame Edna Everage! Always known for her unparalleled "giving" and "caring and sharing" for good causes (she is, after all, the Chairwoman of the Friends of the Prostate!), it's no surprise that Dame Edna made a show-stopping appearance on 18th October at The Royal Albert Hall for "Fashion Rocks 2007" in support of The Prince's Trust.

This year, the event was, in fact, called "Swarovski Fashion Rocks", and so "glittering" is truly the only way to describe the night. Dame Edna got into the spirit of it all with a stunning frock covered in crystal sparkles and, of course, she was a spectacle with her Swarovski studded face furniture.

Web reports from "msn entertainment" noted that "...Dame Edna Everage had the stars laughing into their champagne into the wee hours..." Check out the details and pictures here!

Making a few well observed comments about the models, she remarked "There is a lot of emotion backstage - the human giraffes are either sobbing or sniffing...". Continuing with the comedy cocaine reference, she also noted that they were " nervous they'd been running to the toilet all evening!"

Among the stars joining our gorgeous antipodean legend at Fashion Rocks were Dame Shirley Bassey, James Nesbitt and David Walliams - all guests on her fabulous TV show "The Dame Edna Treatment" earlier this year.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Barry Humphries Collects CBE!

Hello, Possums!

Although we're thrilled, we suspect Dame Edna may not be pleased to hear the news that her manager, Barry Humphries, has just been to see her good friend the Queen to collect his CBE. The big event took place at Buckingham Palace yesterday, 10th October.

Of course, both Dame Edna and Sir Les have been enjoying their esteemed titles for years, so perhaps they won't begrudge little Barry his moment in the royal glow? In that regard, upon receiving the news of the award earlier this year, Humphries remarked
"I'm deeply honoured. At last I can address Sir Les Patterson and Dame Edna on an improved footing".

We first brought you news of the award in a June posting, and now you can check out the full BBC coverage here:

BBC News - Edna Star Humphries collects CBE

BBC News - In Pictures: Royal Honours

You can also take a look at their article about the man who created a gigastar legend:

Friday, October 05, 2007

Dame Edna's Fashion Advice for Bush

You little darlings!

This week we bring you some topical interactive gigastar fun (I'll bet that's a phrase you never thought you'd hear...)

Let me explain.

Last month, little George Bush visited Dame Edna's Australian homeland for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. The media were, of course, on hand to watch his every move, and much to the enjoyment of intelligent folk around the world, report on his gaffes.

Among his comical errors during his stay, he was reported to say in a speech that he was happy to be at the OPEC meeting.... Bless, the poor dear didn't even seem to know where he was or why he was there!

In addition to it's serious reporting, the Sydney Morning Herald website has also provided readers with a cyberspace opportunity to give the President a make-over, Australian style. As you can see below, the choices of outfits for little George are plentiful:

We all know that Dame Edna is an international style icon, and so it seems fitting to see what George would look like in gigastar togs. Perhaps a "Kenny Everage Original" would suit? What do you think:

Well, maybe it's a look that only a woman of Dame Edna's sophistication and glamour can pull off. In any event, try it for yourself here!

I expect that Dame Edna will be relieved when little George moves out of the White House. We all know that she generously gives advice, wisdom and healing to leaders all over the world. They rely on her her experience and sophistication all the time. But the current president has been something of a burden to our beloved gigastar. After all, it's common knowledge that he regularly calls and wakes her in the middle of the night from the other side of the globe..... The poor mite doesn't seem to know there are time zones!

Until next time, Possums! Bye-bye!