Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dame Edna Wishes Parky A Fond Farewell

You little Darlings!

What lucky Possums we are here in the UK! Hot on the heels of our news in previous posts of Dame Edna's celebrated appearances around the country, media sources everywhere have been announcing this week that Australia's housewife/superstar will be joining Parkinson for his final show! Isn't that exciting?

Evidently, Parky provided ITV with his "guest wishlist" for the show, and of course Dame Edna was one of his favoured choices! Other guests will include Dame Judi Dench, Sir David Attenborough and David Beckham, who's 'goldenballs' Dame Edna apparently showed particular interest in during the taping!

As recording of the show came to a conclusion, Parky said, "Over the years it has been a privilege to meet some of the most intelligent and interesting people." (Clearly, he was refering primarily to Dame Edna who is, as we all know, the world's most fascinating and influential woman.)

Throughout Parky's long career, of course, she has (as she humbly puts it) "saved" the Parkinson show by joining the line-up many, many times. Here are a few gems from her last appearance this spring:

We're told that the fabulous new episode with Dame Edna will air on 15th December, to be followed the week after by a Parky documentary restrospective. Don't miss it, Possums!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dame Edna UK News!

Hello Possums! Hello Darlings!

Gigastar fans the world over will be looking to the UK with envy as yet another announcement of a Dame Edna appearance on these shores is made this month. Following her triumphant appearance recently at Fashion Rocks in London and the news that she'll be granting a rare audience to her Scottish "McPossums" at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival next spring, the non-entities of Birmingham will be able to catch a glimpse of the gladioli glamour when Dame Edna joins Jasper Carrott for his "Christmas Rock with Laughter" show in December. Lucky little darlings!

Not only that, but following the spectacular return of Dame Edna to the UK talk show scene earlier this year with "The Dame Edna Treatment", the Times reports that with the announcement of a new talk show hosted by Lily Allen (oh dear....), our Antipodean queen of TV talk shows has offered a few words of advise to little Lily:

"It’s very important to be interesting yourself. Most guests, let’s face it, however famous they are, are boring, with no intellectual resources and very little sense of humour, particularly if they are comedians. People only watch my shows for me, and those shows have remained evergreen long after the guests are forgotten.

Always wear beautiful clothes, preferably a different frock for every show, and don’t overdo the hospitality beforehand. An intoxicated guest is a loose canon and I’m not referring to my famous interview with Jack Palance that didn’t go to air!

I have a spooky feeling your show will be wonderful. Have me on as a guest and your success will be guaranteed!"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! And if Lily Allen wants to learn a little about the expert interviewing techniques of an Antipodean international phenomenon, she need only visit YouTube. Here's an example of talk show heaven taken from the 50th Anniversary Episode of The Dame Edna Treatment. Enjoy!