Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dame Edna Tour Video

Hello possums!

It won't be long before Dame Edna's gorgeous final tour "Eat Pray Laugh" kicks off in Oz!  Non-entities around Australia will have their very lives transformed by the healing effect of Edna's presence on stage.  Lucky little darlings!  After seeing the world's favourite chat show host, royal confidante, and swami in her ground-breaking new show, the remainder of their dull, grey days are sure to be a huge disappointment. 

From the official tour website:

“So, Possums, please do come and say goodbye to me. It would be lovely to see your faces for the last time,” Dame Edna says.
“When you hear your grandchild's voice saying, ‘Grandma, did you see Dame Edna's farewell show?’ don't betray their faith in you. Say ‘yes darling! Many, many times!’”
During the all-singing, all-dancing spectacular, Dame Edna promises to “empower” audiences as she meditates on the big issues of gender, ethnicity and climate change.
“You will see me at the height of my powers, taking you on a wonderful spiritual journey you'll never forget. I'm not saying my show will heal you, but you'll certainly leave the theatre feeling considerably better for the experience.”
While Act One of Eat Pray Laugh! features Humphries with his friends, this really serves as “just a bit of foreplay really before I make an orgasmic appearance in Act Two”, Dame Edna says.

For a sneak peak, here is the promotional video for the tour, and we'll be sure to bring you all the news as the show takes Australia by storm in the coming months: